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Hormone Imbalance Therapy in Olympia WA

Get Relief and Results from Hormone Imbalance Therapy in Olympia WA

Hormone Imbalance Therapy in Olympia WA Hormones are essential for your body to function correctly. The most crucial ones are thyroid, growth hormone, progesterone, DHEA, estrogen, and testosterone. Numerous variables, such as aging naturally, manufactured and natural hormones in the environment, chemical pollutants, traumatic brain damage, surgical treatments including hysterectomies, vasectomies, and ablations, and stress can all have an impact on hormone production.

You may suffer signs of hormone imbalance such as exhaustion, weight gain, memory loss, irritability, and decreased sex desire. Hormone Imbalance Therapy in Olympia WA treats the root cause of these issues rather than simply masking the symptoms like other medications. Keep reading to get the facts and then reach out to Renew Youth at 800-859-7511 to begin your journey and get the help you need.

People of All Ages Can Benefit from Hormone Imbalance Therapy in Olympia WA

Starting hormone imbalance therapy at a certain age is not mandatory. In fact, we have treated patients as young as 22 who have experienced hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalance treatment is typically administered to persons in their 40s through 60s. However, persons far younger than that can also gain from this therapy.

It is not unusual for someone who served in active service in the military and sustained a brain injury to have an unbalanced hormone level. Abusing anabolic steroids might cause athletes’ bodies to stop producing hormones permanently. Additionally, stress can alter hormone production at an earlier age than you might anticipate.

Ongoing Lab Testing is an Integral Part of Hormone Imbalance Therapy in Olympia WA

You should keep getting lab tests while receiving hormone imbalance therapy in Olympia WA. Before you begin your therapy, blood testing is necessary to customize your treatment plan. Therapy for hormonal imbalances is not a “one size fits all” approach. The therapy must be carried out specifically to match your demands if you want to achieve the best outcome.

However, testing doesn’t stop after your therapy starts. We perform further lab tests at certain intervals throughout your therapy to make sure that your hormone levels reach and remain at safe and healthy levels. Your body changes over time. Hormone dosages which were effective when you began treatment may need to be fine-tuned to keep you feeling your best.

To further hone your hormone imbalance therapy in Olympia WA, we monitor your symptoms and energy levels in addition to routine blood tests.

What Are “Bioidentical” Hormones and Why Are They Important?

As the name implies, bioidentical hormones are biologically identical to the hormones that are naturally produced in your body. They are made from natural sources such as yams or soy. Bioidentical hormones cannot be patented, much to the dismay of the pharmaceutical business. This is why they manufacture patentable synthetic hormones. Why is this important? Synthetic hormones aren’t the same as the hormones produced by your body.

Think of a hormone receptor as a lock, and a hormone molecule as a key. Natural and bioidentical hormones effortlessly integrate into those receptors to provide your body with the reaction it requires. On the other hand, synthetic hormones do not naturally fit those receptors perfectly, and can therefore cause serious side effects including an increased risk of cancer. By only prescribing bioidentical hormones throughout our hormone imbalance therapy in Olympia WA, we are dedicated to eliminating these potential adverse effects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Renew Youth do?

Renew Youth provides products and treatments that are designed to help men and women age better. This includes everything from hormone therapy, to skin care products, to treatment for adrenal fatigue, to lab testing, to oral and injectable nutrients.

For those who are participating in our physician-supervised programs, Renew Youth’s doctors are located throughout the U.S.

Our retail products can be purchased by the general public through our online store.

I found you on the Internet – can I trust you?

We recognize that it’s a leap of faith to entrust your health to a company you found on the Internet. While the Internet is an efficient way for us to reach prospective clients, it does create some hurdles when it comes to establishing credibility.

It may help to know that we have been in the better aging business since 1999, and have been leaders in the areas of anti-aging and longevity medicine ever since. We are thriving because we pride ourselves on our integrity, and on the quality of our programs, products, and services. We are interested in long-term relationships with our clients. That can only be achieved through an honest and open relationship. You are welcome to call us and speak with us personally. We will answer your questions in a forthright manner.

Where and how do I get my lab testing done?

Renew Youth has national accounts with two of the largest lab companies in the country. We will arrange your testing at a location that is convenient for you.

Where will I see my Renew Youth doctor?

Renew Youth has doctors located across the country, and we will determine which one is closest to you.

Are diet and exercise important?

Yes! Establishing and maintaining good lifestyle habits is critical to achieving optimal results from your treatment. This means eating a healthy diet, getting enough exercise, managing stress, getting adequate sleep, and drinking lots of water.

Will insurance pay for my treatment?

We do not process insurance, and many of the therapies we provide are not typically covered by insurance. We do have receipts available to our clients for those who wish to file a claim with their insurance companies.

Can you help me with sexual dysfunction?

Absolutely. We have many solutions available for both men and women.

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Key Facts

About Renew Man

The Renew Man program is based on the latest proven science in the field of healthy aging for men.

Renew Man includes personalized treatments to address all of the hormones that affect male aging, including testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, thyroid, and growth hormone.

When done correctly, there are no side effects from testosterone therapy or other hormone therapies.

Treatments can be administered in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Renew Man really works. Once you start treatment, you will feel daily improvement and your symptoms will be diminished in a matter of weeks.

You are never too young or too old to start the Renew Man program. If your testosterone is low, you will benefit from treatment—regardless of your age.

5 Star Reviews

5 Star Reviews


“It’s only been six weeks and I have to admit I am amazed. I feel mentally quicker than I have been in 15 years, I definitely feel stronger and the whole process has been great. Very attentive staff, nicely resourced for labs and the feedback is fantastic.”

Manny Ruiz