Thoughts on Better Aging

Anti Aging Hormone Treatments in Baltimore MD

January 22nd, 2018

Correcting age-related hormone imbalance is the key to looking and feeling younger Have you found yourself discovering new wrinkles, gaining weight, losing your hair, becoming more forgetful, fighting fatigue, struggling in the bedroom, and generally feeling “old”? Here’s some good news: many of these common signs and symptoms of aging are related to hormonal imbalance. […]

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Menopause and Andropause Treatments in Austin TX

January 21st, 2018

Hormone replacement therapy can relieve menopause and andropause symptoms and support overall health. Menopause and andropause are both natural processes, caused by the declining production of key hormones. For women, it’s estrogen and progesterone that decline, while for men, it’s testosterone. However, just because a process is natural does not mean it is healthy. In […]

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How to Evaluate Vitamin Supplements

January 20th, 2018

Learn about 3 factors to consider when choosing multi-ingredient supplements. Proper nutrition is extremely important for healthy aging. However, it can be difficult to get all the nutrition you need from food alone. This is where multi-vitamins and other nutritional supplements become very valuable. When done correctly, supplementation can: Correct nutritional deficiencies Provide anti-oxidant protection […]

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Make Melatonin Part of Your Anti Aging Plan

January 15th, 2018

The sleep hormone melatonin is important due to the impact of sleep on aging Melatonin is a hormone that helps control circadian rhythm. It builds up in the body as daylight fades, until eventually it is at a high enough level that it triggers feelings of sleepiness. Unfortunately, melatonin production tends to diminish with age. […]

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What Women Need to Know About Painful Sex at Menopause

January 10th, 2018

Painful sex is a common problem that can be treated safely with estrogen Have you suddenly started finding sex painful? There are many possible reasons a young woman might experience pain during sex: infections, skin disorders, or even cancer of the vulva. However, for a midlife woman, the most likely culprit is menopause. Vaginal tissue […]

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Are Outsized Portions Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts?

January 5th, 2018

Learn how to use portion control to guide your diet Every New Year, many Americans put losing weight on their list of New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, according to a recent Gallup poll, about half of individuals who would like to lose weight don’t make any serious attempt to do so. One potential roadblock to weight […]

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Hormone Replacement in Alpharetta GA

December 29th, 2017

Make hormone replacement in Alpharetta GA the foundation of your better aging plan At Renew Youth, we specialize in helping men and women take control of the aging process with treatments designed to help them look better, feel better, and be healthier. The cornerstone of our better aging program is hormone replacement therapy. What Do […]

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The Path to Better Aging in Allston MA

December 20th, 2017

Turn to Renew Youth for all the treatment options you need for better aging in Allston MA Did you know that many of the common signs of aging—from wrinkles to weight gain to fatigue and memory issues—can be traced back to hormonal decline? This is why many men and women first start feeling “old” during […]

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How Workout Music Helps You Achieve Fitness Goals

December 14th, 2017

Serotonin is the reason that music is effective in supporting fitness and weight loss goals Many people love to listen to music when they exercise. The right music can help keep you motivated and energized, even if your workout is so long, boring, or strenuous you want to give up. The secret behind the motivational […]

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Why Medication Isn’t the Best Solution to Sleep Problems

December 9th, 2017

Learn about alternatives to medication that can help you get deep, natural, restorative sleep. Are you having trouble sleeping? Don’t reach for the sleeping pills. Aside from the potential for side effects, there’s one very big problem with prescription sleep aids: They don’t actually give you quality sleep. Medications designed to treat insomnia are technically […]

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Thoughts on Better Aging

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