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Fatigue in Men

Understanding Fatigue in Men

Have you lost your edge? If you’re tired all the time, your motivation goes out the window. Work suffers. Your family life suffers. And your sex life suffers.

A Vicious Cycle: Depression and Insomnia

The fatigue associated with andropause can be a byproduct of depression, and depression is a symptom of hormone imbalance in men. Depression is also notorious for disrupting sleep. If you aren’t sleeping well, you guessed it — you’ll be tired. Depression and insomnia will also negatively impact physical activity. Insufficient exercise, in turn, contributes to depression and fatigue. So the cycle goes…

Night Sweats and Fatigue

Night sweats are also symptomatic of hormone imbalance. Yes, men can experience night sweats, too. When they happen, your sleep is disrupted. The result is fatigue.

Metabolism and Fatigue

Changes in metabolism go hand-in-hand with fatigue. When the body is delayed in turning food into fuel due to hormone imbalance, you won’t have as much energy as you used to.

Stress and Adrenal Fatigue

Each of the symptoms above can cause significant stress for men. When the body is under stress, the adrenal glands release cortisol. If they secrete too much cortisol for too long, they become fatigued and cortisol production becomes inadequate. This reduced production of cortisol will leave you feeling exhausted.

Treatment for Fatigue in Men

The key to treating your fatigue during andropause is in balancing your hormones. Getting hormones balanced and back to healthy levels will unlock the secrets to reclaiming your energy and vigor. We have creative solutions by way of supplementing your diet, too. Depression and night sweats will disappear. Your metabolism will be boosted and you’ll even sleep better. In short, you’ll get your edge back.

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