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You Deserve Personalized Hormone Therapy in Katy TX

May 30th, 2018

Personalized treatment is essential for your health and safety

Have you been suffering from menopause or andropause symptoms? You may realize that a big part of the problem is low estrogen (for women) or low testosterone (for men). You may assume that all you need to do is supplement the appropriate hormone and you’ll feel like yourself again.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Giving women more estrogen and men more testosterone represents an overly simplified approach to menopause and andropause treatment that is ineffective and may even be dangerous.

First of all, it is important to understand that estrogen and testosterone are not the only hormones that decline or become unbalanced with age. DHEA, progesterone, thyroid, oxytocin, cortisol, growth hormone, and more can also be affected. Imbalances in these hormones can worsen the symptoms of low estrogen or low testosterone, and therefore they must be addressed in order to relieve those symptoms.

Secondly, remember that everyone’s body chemistry is unique. It is impossible to create a standardized dosage of any hormone that will work for everyone. When standardized dosages are used, some people won’t get enough of the hormone to improve their symptoms, while others will get so much that it causes side effects.

For optimal symptom relief and optimal health, you need personalized hormone therapy in Katy TX that addresses your unique needs.

What to Expect from Our Personalized Hormone Therapy in Katy TX

Lab Testing: At Renew Youth, we base our hormone therapy in Katy TX on detailed lab testing. We check all the hormones that may affect the aging process and your symptoms.

Personalized Dosages: Your dosages of vital hormones will be based on your lab results. Unlike some hormone clinics, we won’t just give you enough of a particular hormone to get you to the bottom of what’s considered normal. We’ll prescribe a dosage that will put you at the spot within the normal range where you feel your best.

Safe Delivery Methods: We recognize that how hormone therapy in Katy TX is delivered can have a big impact on its effectiveness and safety. That’s why we are careful to choose the best delivery methods that will mimic the way hormone is naturally produced in your body.

Ongoing Monitoring: As your hormone therapy in Katy TX progresses, your body chemistry will change—especially if your are making lifestyle changes that affect your weight, body composition, and activity level. We provide ongoing monitoring in the form of routine lab tests and doctor consultations to make sure your dosages remain correct.

Lasting Symptom Relief: You can expect to feel improvements from our hormone therapy in as little as two weeks. Relief will last as long as you continue treatment.

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