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Why Include Pregnenolone in Your Hormone Therapy

February 17th, 2016

Pregnenolone can help counteract many problems associated with aging

As we age, a whole host of changes occur in the body. For men, declining testosterone is perhaps the most well-known of these changes. It is implicated in all kinds of unpleasant aspects of male aging like weight gain, fatigue, low sex drive, hair loss, insomnia, and more.

While replacing testosterone directly will of course help to relieve these symptoms, for maximum improvement we need to make sure men also have healthy levels of other vital hormones. One way to do this is to provide men with more of the raw materials from which these vital hormones are made. This can be accomplished with pregnenolone supplementation.

What Is Pregnenolone?

Although pregnenolone is sometimes referred to as a hormone, it is actually a metabolite—a molecule that is metabolized into other hormones. Pregnenolone first converts to DHEA, which can then be made into testosterone and estrogen.

Why Use Pregnenolone?

Between age 35 and 70, a man’s pregnenolone levels can drop by 60 percent. This of course impacts DHEA, testosterone, and estrogen levels. Replacing pregnenolone helps with efforts to balance hormones by allowing the body to make more of its own natural versions of DHEA, testosterone, and estrogen. But this is not all that pregnenolone can do.

Pregnenolone helps:

Support Memory: Pregnenolone is often used to address mental decline and memory loss, since it acts on NMDA nerve receptors in the brain involved with learning, memory, and alertness. Preliminary research has shown that pregnenolone improves memory as well as spatial perception in men.

Improve Mood: By stimulating NMDA receptors (associated with alertness) and inhibiting GABA receptors (associated with mental slowing and sleep), pregnenolone acts as a natural anti-depressant.

Reduce Inflammation: Research in the 1940s and 1950s found that pregnenolone was effective in reducing inflammation and relieving joint pain, tenderness, and spasticity in rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

Neutralize Cortisol: Excessive levels of the stress hormone cortisol can cause many age-related problems such as accelerated skin aging, memory loss, impaired wound healing, and poor sleep quality. Pregnenolone provides a direct counterbalance to many of these problems.

Want to Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using pregnenolone as part of a comprehensive plan to relieve andropause symptoms and promote healthy aging, please contact Renew Man™ today. We will be happy to answer any questions and pair you with a local Renew Man™ physician when you are ready to begin treatment.

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