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What Women Need to Know About Painful Sex at Menopause

January 10th, 2018

Painful sex is a common problem that can be treated safely with estrogen

Have you suddenly started finding sex painful? There are many possible reasons a young woman might experience pain during sex: infections, skin disorders, or even cancer of the vulva. However, for a midlife woman, the most likely culprit is menopause.

Vaginal tissue is supposed to be extremely stretchy—after all, it’s designed to allow a baby to pass through before shrinking back to its normal size. But when menopause begins, lower estrogen levels start reducing the elasticity of vaginal tissues. The tissues get thinner, with reduced blood flow. The technical name for this process is vaginal atrophy. The end result is less moisture and less resiliency, which leads to pain and irritation during sex.

Here’s what menopausal women need to know about painful sex:

It’s Common. Roughly half of menopausal women suffer from vaginal dryness that makes sex painful.
Your Doctor Probably Won’t Ask About It. Painful sex often gets left out of conversations about menopause treatment, in part because symptoms typically don’t appear until several years after menopause begins, and in part because vaginal dryness simply isn’t on most doctors’ radar as a menopause symptom. Most women are too embarrassed to bring it up themselves, which is why only about 7 percent of women get treated for this problem.
Renew Youth Can Help. At Renew Youth, we specialize in the treatment of stubborn, often misunderstood menopause symptoms like painful sex. We can help you restore moisture and elasticity to your vaginal tissues with a special estrogen cream designed for local application. We can also offer other treatments to help you enjoy sex after menopause.

Now You May Wonder…

Is Estrogen Safe?

Unfortunately, many women are misinformed about the safety of estrogen treatments. Past studies (which were flawed) have associated estrogen with breast cancer, blood clots, and stroke. But the reality is, further research has shown that oral and topical estrogen replacement therapies do not carry these health risks when done correctly. And local estrogen treatment—such as our estrogen cream for relieving vaginal dryness—has never been associated with these health risks. Our estrogen creams contain enough hormones to relieve your symptoms, but not enough to affect your overall hormonal balance. This treatment can be used at any time, not just during the 10-year post-menopause “estrogen window” that is recommended for estrogen replacement therapy.

Want to Learn More?

If you have questions about using estrogen to relieve vaginal dryness or to treat any other menopause symptoms, please contact us at 800-859-7511.

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