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What Testosterone Replacement Can and Can’t Do for Your Sex Life

July 25th, 2015

Don’t let recent headlines discourage you from trying testosterone replacement for ED

If you follow news about testosterone research, you may have seen all the recent headlines blaring “Testosterone can’t help men with ejaculatory dysfunction!” Before you assume this means testosterone therapy can’t help you improve your sex life, it is very important to realize that this “ED” is not the same ED we talk about relieving with testosterone therapy at Renew Man™.

Ejaculatory dysfunction is characterized by an inability to ejaculate, low ejaculate volume or force, or delayed time to ejaculation. Erectile dysfunction, on the other hand, is defined as an inability to achieve or sustain an erection. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a lack of desire, poor penile sensitivity, or by a variety of functional issues related to erections.

For many men, testosterone replacement can help relieve symptoms of this kind of ED. Here’s how:

Restore healthy sex drive: In order to get and maintain an erection, you have to “want to want it.” Often, this lack of desire is the only thing standing between a man and a healthy erection. By replacing testosterone to a youthful level, we can restore youthful desire and performance as well.

Enhance sensitivity: Testosterone is necessary in order for the proper signals to be sent between the brain and nerve cells in the penis during sexual activity. By making sure you have enough testosterone to support sensitivity, we can help many men achieve and sustain erections more easily.

Help with weight loss: Losing weight can not only improve your self-image to make you feel sexier. It can also help relieve many obesity-related functional issues associated with ED, such as high blood pressure. While you will need to eat right and exercise to lose weight, having healthy testosterone is necessary to make these efforts more effective.

Improve orgasms: Ejaculation and orgasm are two different things. So while testosterone may not have helped with ejaculatory dysfunction in the one study dominating the news right now, it can help improve the quality of your orgasms. Why? Because testosterone is the fuel behind the entire process leading up to male orgasm.

Other Treatment Options

Testosterone replacement is by no means the only treatment available for men suffering from sexual performance issues. Here are some other options your Renew Man™ doctor may suggest you try:

Kegels: These pelvic-floor exercises aren’t just for the ladies. Research has shown that Kegel exercises can help strengthen the muscle that supports erections, improve blood flow to the penis, and fight premature ejaculation by strengthening the muscles that control the urinary sphincter. Kegels can even be used during sex to prolong the experience.

Other Hormone Treatments: Though testosterone is the primary sex hormone for men, it is not the only hormone that can affect your sex life. Hormones like cortisol may also become unbalanced, which can cause issues with stress response or sleep deprivation that can contribute to ED. We can test all your vital hormone levels and recommend a personalized treatment plan to bring your body chemistry into a healthy balance.

Medications: If you continue to have issues with sexual function or desire even after hormone therapy, we have a progression of treatment choices to explore, including medications.

Thanks to this broad range of treatment options for ED we have helped over 98 percent of our clients alleviate their symptoms, and we feel confident we can help you too.

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