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What Men Taking Testosterone Need to Know About Hematocrit

December 3rd, 2015

Monitoring and management of hematocrit are essential for heart health during testosterone therapy.

If you’ve been researching andropause treatment online, you’ve probably found a lot of disturbing articles about how testosterone therapy will supposedly increase your risk of heart attack or stroke. But we bet that you have not found any information on hematocrit.

When you understand hematocrit and its role in a quality testosterone replacement program, you’ll also understand why Renew Man™ is able to provide heart-healthy therapy when many other low T treatment providers do not.

What is Hematocrit?

Hematocrit is basically a measurement of the thickness of your blood, based on the percentage of red blood cells. For an adult man, a healthy hematocrit range is considered to be anywhere from 42 to 54 percent. When hematocrit is too low, you will suffer from anemia and related complications. When hematocrit is too high, your cardiovascular system will suffer.

Hematocrit Must Be Monitored & Managed

In some men, testosterone therapy can lead to an increase in hematocrit. Since this could combine with other risk factors to lead to the potential for a heart attack or stroke, obviously your doctor must test your hematocrit levels on a regular basis and be alert to any fluctuations that could be attributable to your testosterone replacement therapy.

If a rise in hematocrit is detected, this doesn’t mean you have to give up your testosterone treatment. Elevated hematocrit can be managed and brought down to a healthy range quite easily by a qualified doctor.

Hematocrit Monitoring Is Just One of Renew Man’s™ Safety Protocols

At Renew Man™, proactive monitoring and management of hematocrit is just one of the safety measures we employ to help protect your heart health during treatment and ensure you enjoy all the benefits of healthy testosterone with zero harmful side effects.

Other important safety measures that set us apart from other testosterone treatment providers include:

  • All care administered by a board-certified doctor
  • All vital hormones—not just testosterone—balanced during treatment
  • No synthetic hormones used
  • Testosterone delivered safely with injections or cream
  • Personalized dosages designed to bring your levels to a healthy range
  • Ongoing testing to ensure dosages remain accurate

If you would like to learn more about our safe and effective hormone therapy protocol, as well as other products and services designed to relieve andropause symptoms and support healthy aging, please contact us at your convenience. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and refer you to a local Renew Man™ doctor in your area when you are read to proceed with treatment.

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