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What Men Need to Know About Aromatase

January 15th, 2016

Learn why testosterone treatment often includes measures to control aromatase

If you’ve ever heard of aromatase at all, it was most likely in the context of women’s breast cancer treatment. Aromatase inhibitors are sometimes used to help prevent estrogen from stimulating the growth of hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer cells. However, in reality, blocking the action of aromatase can be very important for men as well.

What is Aromatase?

Aromatase is an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. Because it is commonly found in belly fat, men who are overweight tend to have more aromatase and higher rates of testosterone to estrogen conversion.

When is Aromatase Worrisome for Men?

A little bit of aromatase is okay, because men actually need some estrogen in their system to protect their heart health and bone health, among other things. And in fact, about 80 percent of men’s estrogen is normally made through the action of aromatase on testosterone in the male body.

However, when aromatase starts working overtime, men can end up with too much estrogen. This is a concern for numerous reasons. For instance, elevated estrogen can cause sore nipples, swollen breasts, and water retention, as well as reduce a man’s sex drive.

Perhaps most worrisome, however, is the fact that excess estrogen can metabolize into 16-alpha-hydroxylestrone. This compound may then metabolize into a carcinogen that has been linked to prostate cancer.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Testosterone?

If you are overweight and troubled by low testosterone, it is highly likely that aromatase is helping to steal away what little testosterone your body is able to produce. As a first step towards restoring a healthy balance of hormones in your body, you should consider starting a quality hormone replacement program such as Renew Man™.

Our doctors always test men’s estrogen levels as well as testosterone levels when creating personalized treatment programs. If estrogen is high, we may place you on an estrogen blocker, aka an aromatase inhibitor, to protect your health against the consequences of elevated estrogen.

In addition to hormone therapy, there are several other steps you can take to help reduce the action of aromatase and prevent too much of your testosterone from being converted to estrogen:

Lose the Belly Fat: The less belly fat you have, the less risk there is of aromatase running wild. Renew Man™ offers solutions to help you lose weight in a healthy way.

Avoid Carbo-Loading: When you eat a snack or meal that is packed with refined flour and sugars, you get a surge in aromatase. Be especially careful to avoid these foods before bed, as testosterone naturally increases during the night, and you do not want to have a corresponding surge in aromatase to hijack that testosterone.

Get Enough Zinc: In addition to strengthening your immune system, zinc plays an important role in controlling the action of aromatase on your testosterone. Zinc can be found in some foods like pumpkin seeds, but a supplement is typically the best way to increase your zinc intake.


If you have questions about your hormonal balance or our testosterone replacement programs, please contact Renew Man™ at 800-859-7511 now.

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