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What is Anti-Aging Medicine?

April 12th, 2016

Learn how anti-aging medicine can help you look and feel younger longer.

It is generally agreed upon that human beings reach their peak physical condition, their sexual prime, and the pinnacle of their mental powers between age 25 and 30. Considering that many people now live to be 80, 90, or 100 years old, this can seem very disheartening. Isn’t there anything left to look forward to after age 30 other than a slow and inevitable decline?

With help from anti-aging medicine, there is actually a lot to look forward to.

Anti-aging medicine is a branch of applied medicine focused on identifying and treating the underlying causes of aging. The ultimate goal is to improve aging individuals’ health and quality of life, keeping them looking and feeling as much like their 25 to 30 year old selves as possible.

To Fight Aging, We Must Understand Aging

Aging is in essence a progressive failure of metabolic processes due to cellular damage. There are a wide variety of factors that can affect the rate at which this occurs, but some of the most important ones include:

Oxidation: The body needs small quantities of free radicals for everyday metabolism, but high levels of pollution and a poor modern diet often leave us with far more free radicals than are healthy. These free radicals then begin to damage cell membranes through the process of oxidation.

Glycation: Oxidation creates a byproduct which affects another important biochemical process related to aging, namely glycation. This process creates AGEs or Advanced Glycation Endproducts, which damage tissues and interfere with DNA molecules.

Chronic Inflammation: When the body is exposed to chronic inflammation, you end up with an overactive immune system that attacks its own tissues and produces toxic byproducts that can cause extensive cellular damage.

Hormonal Imbalance: Hormones drive virtually every bodily function you can imagine. So when production of vital hormones like testosterone slows—as it will in every man with age—this will obviously cause problems.

4 Key Areas to Address

Fortunately, anti-aging medicine has made great strides towards controlling these biochemical processes and therefore controlling aging.

At Renew Man™, we take a 4-pronged approach to rebooting your body chemistry so that it can function more like a younger man’s. We address:

Hormones: Our proven safe and effective bioidentical hormone replacement program provides the specific amounts of testosterone and other vital hormones your body needs to promote healthy, youthful functions in virtually every system of the body.

Diet: We can provide advice and guidance about what foods to eat and what nutritional supplements to take to help fight the oxidation and glycation damage triggered by free radicals and various environmental toxins.

Exercise: Getting active is essential for healthy aging. It helps keep your heart, bones, and muscles healthy, helps minimize dangerous visceral fat deposits, and also helps reduce stress.

Stress: The stress hormone cortisol can be very harmful to cells and has an especially damaging effect on the immune system. It can make inflammation worse and will leave you with visible outward signs of aging. We can help by providing DHEA treatment to help counteract the effects of cortisol.

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