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What Causes Low Testosterone

November 27th, 2012

Testosterone plays an important role in every man’s life, and when testosterone levels are low, it can cause a man to suffer both physically and mentally.  Typical symptoms of low testosterone include: fatigue, mental fogginess, forgetfulness, sexual dysfunction (including low sex drive), weight gain, hair loss, muscle loss, irritability and depression.

The good news is that low testosterone can be treated.  But before beginning treatment, it can be helpful to understand what causes this condition.  A number of things can cause low testosterone.  Following are just a few:


As a man ages, his testosterone levels naturally begin to decline. This happens to everyone eventually—no man avoids it.  Testosterone levels typically begin to diminish around the age of 30.  By the time men get into their 40’s, most will begin to feel the effects of low testosterone, with these symptoms becoming more pronounced with age.


Men who are struggling with weight management will generally have lower testosterone levels than men who are of the same age, but who are at a healthy weight.  Being overweight stimulates the conversion of testosterone to estrogen within fat cells.  As testosterone is excessively converted to estrogen, testosterone levels will fall.  The good news is that testosterone replacement generally makes losing weight easier; and the conversion of testosterone to estrogen can be blocked via medication.

Substance Abuse

A number of substances, particularly if they’re used to excess, can impact the degree to which a man’s body produces testosterone.   The abuse of anabolic steroids probably tops this list.  Anabolic steroids cause the body’s natural ability to produce testosterone to shut down, often permanently.  The result is low testosterone.  Some prescription medications, such as opiates and narcotics, can also have a negative effect on testosterone production. Studies have found that even drinking too much alcohol can lead to low testosterone.

Environmental Toxins

Scientists are finding a strong link between environmental toxins and low testosterone.  It’s believed that pesticides, fertilizers,  preservatives found in food and drinking water, and pollutants in general may be causing this decline.  Driving this point home are studies showing that men today have lower testosterone levels than their fathers and grandfathers had at the same age.

Whatever the cause, suffering with low testosterone is unnecessary.  Treatment is available for this condition via hormone replacement therapy for men.  If done correctly (using only bioidentical hormones) hormone replacement therapy can erase the unpleasant symptoms of low testosterone, clearing the way for men to feel better and get their lives back.  For more information on low testosterone and hormone replacement therapy for men, contact renew man™.

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