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We Don’t Use Testosterone Pellets or Patches—Here’s Why

August 28th, 2019

At Renew Youth, we are dedicated to providing the best testosterone replacement products, including personalized treatment plans that are tailored to each client’s individual needs. While those personalized treatment plans may include different options for testosterone replacement, there are two options we never offer: pellets and patches.

Keep reading to learn why you will never see pellets and patches offered by Renew Youth. Then contact us at (800) 859-7511 if you’d like to learn more about the leading-edge options we provide.

What Are Testosterone Pellets?

Testosterone pellets are approximately the size of a grain of rice and are placed under the skin during a surgical procedure. After insertion, these pellets are meant to release testosterone for three months. After that, they have to be replaced. The fact that this treatment requires a surgical procedure every three months is enough to make pellets an unfavorable option in our opinion, but there are additional reasons we choose not to use them.

Why We Don’t Use Testosterone Pellets

There are several reasons why we don’t use pellets, but the biggest reason is that they don’t offer even, consistent dosing. Instead, they generally release too much testosterone in the initial weeks following insertion (often resulting in overdosing) until eventually they don’t release enough. The result is a rollercoaster of fluctuating hormones.

While fluctuating testosterone levels is a problem in and of itself, this also makes it impossible to balance estrogen relative to testosterone. Meanwhile, balancing estrogen is an incredibly important piece of the testosterone replacement equation. Because these two hormones interact with one another, if testosterone is a continually moving target, it will also be impossible to balance estrogen on a consistent basis.

Finally, there are significant issues created by the surgical procedure itself. Infections are fairly common, many patients find the pain from the procedure to be intense and long lasting, and scar tissue builds up over time.

While we understand the idea of not having to administer medications on a regular basis is appealing, what is sacrificed in terms of efficacy and safety just isn’t worth the convenience gained. There are better ways to balance a man’s hormone levels and we can provide them.

What Are Testosterone Patches?

As the name implies, these are commercially produced patches that men apply to their skin—the scrotum, specifically. Similar to testosterone pellets, we do not offer patches for several reasons.

Why We Don’t Use Testosterone Patches

First and foremost, testosterone patches are uncomfortable and can cause skin irritation. Even if testosterone patches worked perfectly (which they don’t), patients are much less likely to continue using something that’s uncomfortable. The bigger issue, however, is that dosing cannot be fine-tuned with patches. Meanwhile, getting the dosing right when doing testosterone therapy is just too important to overlook.

What We Do at Renew Youth

At Renew Youth, we only use delivery methods that are safe, effective, and proven. If you’d like to learn more about the delivery methods we recommend in our treatment plans, contact us at (800) 859-7511 for a free consultation.

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