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Types of Testosterone Administration

December 1st, 2017

Which is the best delivery method for your testosterone replacement therapy?

Many of the problems that men face as they age—such as weight gain, muscle loss, hair loss, fatigue, low sex drive, and memory loss—have a hormonal cause, namely low testosterone. It’s clear that restoring low testosterone to a healthy, youthful level is the best way to relieve these symptoms. However, here’s what isn’t always so clear:

What’s the Best Way to Administer Testosterone?

When it comes to testosterone administration, there are a variety of options available:

Testosterone Patches: Testosterone patches are simple and convenient, but they do not deliver precise dosages of testosterone. Most of the testosterone in a patch will not get into your system, which is why patches always contain more testosterone than the ideal dose. Depending on how your skin absorbs testosterone, you may get more or less than the ideal dose. Other issues with testosterone patches include the risk of irritation from chemicals in the patch and the possibility of the patch coming loose

Testosterone Pellets: The main appeal of testosterone pellets is that they free men from having to remember to administer their testosterone on a daily or bi-weekly basis. Instead, a testosterone pellet can be inserted by a doctor and left to release testosterone for three to six months. The main problem with testosterone pellets is that they tend to release too much testosterone early on and then not enough in later weeks. Another problem with testosterone pellets is the fact that they make it difficult to find the right dose of testosterone. If your doctor chooses the wrong dosage, you’d have to go back to their office, have the current pellet removed, and have a different one implanted in order to adjust your dose.

Testosterone Creams and Gels: While testosterone cream or gel can provide a reasonably good time-released dosage of hormone, the testosterone in a cream or gel can be transferred from person to person by direct skin contact, which can be problematic for partners. Your skin type can also affect how much testosterone is absorbed with this delivery method.

Testosterone Injections: Testosterone injections are the best method for administering testosterone replacement therapy. When testosterone is injected, it pools in muscle tissue and creates a reservoir of hormone that will be released into your bloodstream slowly and steadily. Testosterone injections allow for very precise dosages, which can easily be adjusted as your treatment progresses to keep you feeling your best. Testosterone injections also have the lowest risk of DHT conversion. When too much testosterone converts to DHT, it can stress the prostate and cause other side effects.

Looking for Safe Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

If you’re looking for quality testosterone replacement therapy using the best testosterone administration methods, come to Renew Youth. We do not use patches or pellets. Instead, we recommend twice-weekly self-administered testosterone injections as the best means of testosterone administration. For men with needle phobias, we can prescribe testosterone cream as a good alternative to injections. To learn more, contact us at 800-859-7511 today.

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