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Adrenal Fatigue Therapy

Adrenal Fatigue Therapy

Our lives are plagued by stress in modern times. This isn’t good news for your health. The truth is that few things pose more risks to your health than stress. This is particularly true as we age.

The Facts about Adrenal Fatigue Therapy

  1. Stress causes your adrenal glands to produce too much of a hormone called cortisol.
  2. Too much cortisol damages the tissues in your body, and causes adrenal fatigue.
  3. Adrenal fatigue means your body can’t produce the smaller amounts of cortisol it needs to function properly.
  4. Some healthcare practitioners will replace cortisol when deficient due to adrenal fatigue. Our experience has been that this approach to treating adrenal fatigue does more harm than good.
  5. When other hormones are out of balance, the adrenals will work hard to compensate.

Methods of Treatment

We don’t look upon cortisol as being a hormone that should be replaced. Rather, treatment for adrenal fatigue should implement strategies that support the adrenals, so they can recover and regain normal function. Here’s our approach:

  • We check your cortisol levels via lab testing. Cortisol is tested by saliva at four specific points during the day. From this test, our doctors can determine whether your cortisol production is too high, too low, or normal. The protocol for treating cortisol that is too high or too low is the same.
  • Your other hormones will be tested, and our doctors will provide treatment as necessary if you have other hormone imbalances. Because the adrenals work hard to compensate for imbalances elsewhere in your endocrine system, this alone will go a long way toward giving your adrenal glands the break they need.
  • We lab test for key nutrients like Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and ferritin.
  • Our doctors will recommend a regimen of supplements that will help to rejuvenate the adrenal glands. Injectable nutrients can be included as appropriate.
  • Our doctors may recommend a detoxification program.
  • It’s important that people with adrenal fatigue get adequate sleep. The quality and quantity of your sleep will be evaluated. Strategies will be implemented to address challenges relative to sleep.
  • We will provide lifestyle strategies for managing the stress in your life. You will also be encouraged to maintain a healthy diet, and to incorporate sufficient levels of physical activity into your day-to-day life.

Too much cortisol is harmful—so is not having enough. People who are under too much stress can wind up suffering the negative consequences of both.

Our hope is that knowing there are solutions may ease your mind a bit. Elevated cortisol and adrenal fatigue are common. But they can be addressed. You can recover, and get back to being you again.

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