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Treating Migraines at Menopause

February 27th, 2015

Estrogen replacement therapy can relieve many menopause symptoms including headaches.

Menopause symptoms can be quite a headache, metaphorically and literally. Now that research has confirmed that migraine headaches worsen just before and during menopause, many women’s health experts have begun including increased migraine headaches on the list of official menopause symptoms. If you’re looking for relief from migraines and other menopause symptoms, Renew Woman™ can help.

How Does Menopause Cause Migraines?

Many women notice that they tend to get a migraine right before their period. They might then assume that the end of their periods should spell the end of their migraines, and actually look forward to a possible benefit of menopause. Unfortunately, this will not be the case. The same drop in estrogen and progesterone levels that occurs right before a period also occurs in menopause. It is believed that this hormonal imbalance is the cause of the headache in both cases.

How Can Renew Woman™ Help?

Renew Woman™ can help relieve migraine headaches just before and during menopause by treating the hormonal imbalance that triggers them. We do this using estrogen and progesterone replacement therapy.

Is Hormone Therapy a Safe Treatment for Menopause Migraines?

Hormone replacement—especially estrogen replacement therapy—is controversial in some circles simply because many people (even doctors!) do not really understand it. You might have heard that this therapy can cause cancers or other complications. In reality, estrogen replacement therapy can actually protect against many types of cancers, including breast, ovarian, and colon cancer. The key is that the therapy must be provided correctly. Here are the hallmarks of safe and effective estrogen replacement therapy:

Bioidentical Hormones: First and foremost, is essential to make sure any treatment you are considering uses bioidentical hormones, not synthetic hormones. While synthetic hormones have been linked to serious risks including cancer, the bioidentical hormones we prescribe at Renew Woman™ will be absorbed safely by the body just like your natural hormones.

Progesterone Always Replaced: Replacing estrogen without progesterone is dangerous, which is why we always replace progesterone and estrogen in our treatments. This helps ensure that sufficient progesterone is available to help guide estrogen to the proper receptors in the body and prevent unchecked cell growth.

Bi-Est Formula: While many doctors only prescribe one form of estrogen, at Renew Woman we go the extra mile to provide women with a bi-est formula containing two forms of estrogen, estriol and estradiol. Again, this helps ensure the safe and healthy absorption of the hormones by the body.

Personalized Dosages: A quality hormone replacement therapy must also provide you with the right dosages of estrogen to bring your unique body chemistry into a healthy balance. At Renew Woman™, we conduct ongoing testing of your current hormone levels to ensure that we replace the exact right amount of estrogen and progesterone to provide the desired result at each stage of treatment.

Ready to find relief from migraines and other menopause symptoms? Please contact Renew Woman™ today.

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