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Think You Can’t Control Your Metabolism? Think Again.

December 30th, 2014

Tips for busting the most pervasive myth about the human metabolism.

Have you ever heard someone dismiss their weight problems as impossible to solve by saying “I have a bad metabolism?” By this they mean that they believe their body doesn’t burn calories and store energy the way a fit person’s does, and there’s nothing they can do about it. Out of all the misinformation about metabolism in popular culture today, the idea of one’s metabolism being an unalterable and unsurpassable obstacle to weight loss is perhaps the most pervasive and the most damaging.

The truth is, you can take control of your metabolism and make it help—not hinder—your efforts to stay fit. Become living proof that the idea of having to live at the mercy of your metabolism is a myth by following these tips.

  1. Build Muscle. According to popular belief, people gain weight as they age in part because their metabolism slows 2 to 8 percent per decade. What they forget is that their metabolism slows down because they are losing muscle mass. Individuals who work hard to maintain muscle mass as they age will not experience the same metabolic decrease as those who do not. Because muscle burns more calories that fat even when at rest, you can boost your metabolism at any age by building lean muscle.
  2. Get More Sleep. Besides giving you the energy needed to tackle an active day, research has shown that healthy sleep affects your metabolism. When you are sleep-deprived, your body can’t manage blood sugar levels as well and the store/burn split of metabolic activity may become unbalanced.
  3. Drink Water. Some researchers have found evidence that drinking cold water may boost calorie burning through a process called thermogenesis, as the body is forced to use calories to bring the water up to body temperature.
  4. Enjoy Caffeine. In studies exploring the impact of caffeine on the metabolism, researchers found that participants who drank regular coffee burned more calories than those who were given decaf coffee.
  5. Eat Protein. One final tip for improving your metabolism involves changing your dietary decisions. Researchers have found that individuals who consume their daily recommended amount of protein have higher metabolisms than those who lack adequate protein. This means by eating more healthy protein, you can actually increase the amount of calories your metabolism burns while at rest.

Need Help? Turn to Renew Man™.

Often, men first begin struggling with their metabolism around the same time they notice other symptoms of andropause like fatigue and insomnia. At Renew Man™, we can provide comprehensive assistance with all your andropause symptoms, including those that are impacting your metabolism and interfering with your efforts to restore your fit, youthful physique. For example, we can provide safe testosterone replacement therapy to improve your ability to build lean muscle as well as professional diet and exercise advice from virtual trainers. Please contact us today to learn more.

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