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The Problem with Pellets

April 18th, 2019

Learn why pellets are not the best option for testosterone replacement

If you’re looking for a solution to the fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, memory loss, low sex drive, and other issues that are triggered by age-related hormone decline, testosterone replacement may be the answer. However, you may be unsure of how exactly to go about getting the testosterone you need.

Accurate information about your options for testosterone replacement can be hard to find, especially since some treatment providers rely on substandard testosterone administration methods, such as testosterone pellets. Fortunately, you can count on Renew Youth for accurate, up to date information about the limitations and risks of pellets, as well as better alternatives for your treatment.

Why Doctors Prescribe Pellets

Testosterone pellets are often recommended based on their supposed convenience. Men will just visit the doctor once to have the pellet implanted beneath their skin, and then the pellet will deliver testosterone for 3 to 6 months.

Sounds great, right? Well, in reality there are many downsides to testosterone pellets. In some cases, doctors are well aware of this but choose to overlook or downplay the downsides so they can make money off the implantation surgery.

Why You Deserve Better

Testosterone pellets present two main problems. First, they don’t always deliver the amount of testosterone they should. Instead, they generally release too much testosterone in the first few weeks and then not enough later on. Without a slow and steady supply of testosterone, men won’t feel their best. They may not feel optimal relief from their symptoms, and they could even develop side effects.

Secondly, testosterone pellets do not allow for easy adjustment of the dose of testosterone. If it turns out the dose is too high or too low, men using pellets will have to get the old pellet removed and a new one inserted. This inflexibility in dosages can be quite problematic, because there is no single “right” number for testosterone levels. Treatment naturally requires some adjustments in order to reach the spot within the range for healthy testosterone where each man feels his best. When adjustment is difficult due to the need for doctor appointments and surgery, men may not end up with the precise doses of testosterone they really need.

Get Testosterone Injections from Renew Youth

Self-administered testosterone injections are the safest and most convenient option for your testosterone replacement therapy. By injecting testosterone into muscle tissue, you can create a reservoir of hormone that will be released into your blood slowly and steadily, just like your own natural testosterone would be. You don’t have to worry about peaks and valleys in testosterone levels and the side effects and symptoms this would create. Injected testosterone is also less likely to convert to DHT, a stronger form of the hormone that can cause side effects. Dosages are easy to adjust so we can help you find the exact right dose for your specific body chemistry and symptoms. Because you or your partner can give the injections in the convenience of your home, it’s easy to fit your treatment into your life.

To learn more about what makes Renew Youth’s testosterone treatment protocols safe and effective, contact us today.

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