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Testosterone and Sexual Function in Women

October 7th, 2014

Testosterone therapy is often just one of three steps in restoring healthy sexual function to menopausal women.

Although testosterone is commonly known as a male hormone, women also need some testosterone in their bodies to remain healthy. Specifically, testosterone is linked to women’s ability to build muscle, burn fat, improve mood and mental acuity, and—last but not least—maintain a healthy sex drive. When the production of testosterone and other vital hormones begins to decline at menopause, many women find themselves losing the desire or the ability to enjoy sexual intimacy with their partners. Testosterone replacement for women is one of three treatments that may be needed to combat age-related female sexual dysfunction and enable a menopausal woman to enjoy a healthy sex life.

Restoring Sex Drive

During menopause, many women report feeling emotionally or intellectually eager for sex, but unable to physically “want it.” This feeling can be conquered with testosterone replacement for women. At Renew Woman™, our doctors can help you find the exact right dose of testosterone to maximize the hormone’s positive effects (like improved sex drive and overall energy) without incurring unwanted side effects (like oily skin and acne).

Relieving Vaginal Dryness

For many menopausal women, restoring the desire for sex with testosterone isn’t enough to fully rejuvenate their sex life, because vaginal dryness is making intercourse painful. While testosterone can help stimulate vaginal lubrication, estriol (one of three types of estrogen produced in the female body) typically also needs to be replaced. Estriol helps restore elasticity to the vaginal walls by stimulating the mucus membranes. Boosting estriol is not only important for sexual enjoyment, but also for overall vaginal health, as vaginal dryness during intercourse could otherwise lead to problems from itching and burning to greater susceptibility to infection or even incontinence.

Making Sex Enjoyable

Once sexual desire and lubrication have been restored, the last piece of the puzzle is enjoyment. This means orgasms. This is where the “love hormone” oxytocin comes into play. This hormone is released by men and women during foreplay and helps to heighten arousal. Rising oxytocin levels also cause the release of testosterone, which boosts sex drive even more during foreplay. Plus, oxytocin has been shown to affect the genital nerves responsible for orgasm.

Never Treat Testosterone Alone

Remember, although testosterone is an important sex hormone for women, it is by no means the only hormone affecting your experience. Testosterone, estrogen, and oxytocin may all need to be addressed in order to achieve maximum satisfaction with your sexual function. Be sure to trust your treatment only to a company like Renew Woman™ who understands the complex interaction between all these hormones and can prescribe safe and effective treatments.

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