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Stay Healthy While Traveling with These Tips

June 29th, 2023

Whether it’s a quick weekend road trip or a multi-week vacation abroad, traveling can be both relaxing and fun.

However…the odds of needing medical care while traveling increases with age. That doesn’t mean that people should avoid travel as they get older. It just means you may need to be more prepared.

The following tips will help to ensure that you’re ready to handle anything that may come your way while you’re on the road.

Do a Little Reconnaissance

Knowledge is power…especially when planning a trip.

If you’re visiting family, make sure everyone at your destination is in good health before departing. If anyone is unwell (particularly if someone has Covid), you may want to reschedule your trip (which makes travel insurance worth considering).

If you’re traveling outside of the country, check to see what (if any) immunizations are recommended or required, and also what is available by way of medical care at your destination.

Have a Medical Power of Attorney

If you have a signed medical power of attorney, make sure you take a copy of it with you while you travel. If you don’t have one, ask an attorney to create one for you before your trip.

Many hospitals require a medical power of attorney, even if you are accompanied by a spouse or other family member. At the very least, not having one ready to go can delay emergency care if you’re unable to speak for yourself.


Things to Remember When You’re Packing

  1. Prescription Medications

    If you take any prescription medications—and this includes medications you take for your hormone replacement therapy or anti-aging regimen—you’ll want to pack enough for your trip, plus some extra (just in case).

What you may not know is that it’s a good idea to pack your prescription medication in the original container(s) including the labels from the pharmacy. If you use a pill organizer, that’s OK—but in this instance, you’ll want to pack a list of your medications that includes the name of the medication, your dosage, the prescribing provider’s name, and your refill information.

If any of your prescriptions are injectable, and you will be traveling outside of the United States, it’s a good idea to get what’s known as a “letter of medical necessity” from your provider. Don’t forget to pack any syringes, sterile water for mixing, and alcohol swabs you will need while traveling.

Apart from avoiding hiccups while traveling, all of the above will be helpful should you need medical attention while away from home.

  1. Supplements

    Likewise, pack a list of the supplements you take on a regular basis. Pill organizers are particularly helpful when it comes to packing supplements for travel.


  1. Workout ClothesWhile it may be tempting to skip your exercise routine while traveling, try to resist that temptation. You’ll feel better and be healthier for it during your trip, especially if you’re indulging in more food and alcohol than you do when at home. Being prepared for exercise by packing whatever you need by way of clothing and shoes will minimize your chances for skipping it while traveling.

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