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Solutions to Aging Skin

March 24th, 2021

Have you ever stopped to think about how amazing your skin is?

Apart from being the largest organ your body has, it performs some very important functions, including:

  • Helping to maintain optimal body temperature.
  • Controlling moisture loss and fluid balance.
  • Alerting you to danger by responding to pain.
  • Protecting you from damaging UV rays.

But like other parts of your body, your skin changes as you get older. And left unaddressed, some of these changes can negatively impact your health.

Here are some important ways your skin evolves with age…as well as some things you can do to keep your skin healthy:

  1. Dry Skin

    As people get older, their skin gets dryer…especially at the elbows, hands, and feet.

    This happens in large part because the oil glands in your skin that normally keep your skin soft don’t function as well with age.

    Occasionally, skin that is dry and cracked can indicate a deeper issue like kidney disease, liver disease, or diabetes.

  2. Lines and Wrinkles

    With age, skin loses firmness and flexibility. This can begin as early as your 30’s and happens because your skin loses collagen and elastin with age. Unfortunately, sun exposure exacerbates this trend.

  3. Age Spots and Hyperpigmentation (particularly if you’re light skinned)

    These are the brown spots and patches that form mostly on the backs of your hands, your arms, and your face. Look at parts of your body that never see the sun, and you’ll soon realize that sun exposure over the course of your lifetime is what causes this discoloration.

  4. Pressure Ulcers

    Also called bedsores, pressure ulcers happen when a person sits or lies down in the same position for extended periods of time. As a result, this is primarily a problem for people with mobility issues. Diabetes can also increase the risk for developing pressure ulcers due to nerve damage and poor circulation.

  5. Skin Cancer

    This is by far the most serious of possible skin conditions. In the United States, about one million people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year. And like some of the other skin issues already mentioned, most skin cancer is caused by UV radiation from sun exposure.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to avoid many of these issues as your skin ages…or at the very least minimize their effects. And the earlier you get started…so much the better for your skin.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Use Sunscreen Every Day
    Dermatologists recommend daily use of sunscreen with a minimum SPF (sun protection factor) of 30. Apply it in the morning before you go outside, and reapply regularly. Also, look for sunscreen that offers protection against both UV-A and UV-B radiation.
  • Stay Hydrated
    If your body is dehydrated, your skin will be too. And that can lead to cracking, sagging, and wrinkles.
  • Use a Skin Moisturizer
    As you age, a quality moisturizer will go a long way toward compensating for decreased oil production in your skin. This goes for both men and women.
  • Collagen Supplements
    Collagen is the substance that gives your skin its springiness and elasticity. But, like many things, collagen diminishes with age. The good news is that a daily collagen supplement can help to replenish the collagen in your skin (and your joints, for that matter).
  • Get a Regular Skin Exam
    A yearly visit with your dermatologist can help to nip skin problems in the bud. In particular, your dermatologist can keep an eye out for early signs of skin cancer.
  • Keep Your Hormones Balanced
    Imbalances in important hormones like thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, and growth hormone can be detrimental to your skin. At Renew Youth, we can test your hormone levels, and create a treatment plan that is tailored to your unique needs.

Don’t Wait

Early action is the key to healthy skin. Proper skin care starting in your 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s will ensure good skin health as you get older.

At Renew Youth, we know that healthy skin is an important part of a healthy you. And we’re here to help.

Call us at 800-859-7511 or use our contact form to schedule your free 30-minute consultation.

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