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Sleep Tip Sheet

March 4th, 2016

Having trouble sleeping? Check out our expert tips for getting more and better sleep.

Chances are, just a few years ago the idea of needing instructions on how to go to sleep would strike you as faintly ridiculous. But now you, like many older men, may be struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep, and/or wake up rested in the morning.

These kinds of sleep problems can do a lot more than just leave you fatigued and cranky. If you’re getting less than 7 hours of sleep per night, your body is missing out on important opportunities for rest and repair. This can lead to an increased risk for heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression, and memory loss.

The good news is, many men can conquer insomnia and reap the benefits of healthy sleep simply by following some of these tips:

  1. Make sure your hormones are balanced. Age-related hormone decline is notorious for causing insomnia. We recommend having your levels of testosterone, thyroid, cortisol, pregnenalone, and growth hormone tested. We can then create a personalized treatment plan designed to restore a healthy balance to your body and promote deep and restorative REM sleep.
  2. Supplement melatonin before bed. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for regulating your body’s biological clock. Renew Man™ offers a fast-absorbing Melatonin Liposomal Spray that can provide the melatonin you need to fall into a deep sleep.
  3. Supplement magnesium. Magnesium plays a key role in many bodily processes, including the deactivation of adrenalin. If you feel like your brain won’t “switch off” when you need to sleep, you may be low on magnesium. Our high quality Triple Magnesium is a good choice for getting three important chelated forms of magnesium for optimal absorption.
  4. Restore your circadian rhythm. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day, resisting the temptation to nap, and spending time outdoors in the sun each day can help restore your body’s natural sleep patterns.
  5. Avoid “screens.” Looking into a bright screen late at night can throw off your biological clock. We recommend not using your laptop, tablet, or e-reader before bed. If you must work on your computer at night, install an app like flux (justgetflux.com) so that the color of your computer’s display adapts to the time of day (warm at night, and bright during the day).
  6. Change your eating habits. Eating dinner too late, as well as snacking too close to bedtime, can make it harder to sleep. Be especially careful not to consume caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, sugary foods, or stimulating supplements before bed. Drink enough water to stay hydrated, but not so much that you will wake up to go to the bathroom.
  7. Relax before bedtime. Rather than engaging in stimulating activities before bed (like watching a violent movie, playing video games, arguing, etc.) try to create a relaxing ritual for yourself with activities like taking a warm bath, reading a book, listening to calming music, etc.
  8. Keep your bedroom dark and quiet. Light and noise can create distractions that make it more difficult to sleep. Be sure you have good window coverings and turn your alarm clock away from you so you can’t see its light. You may also want to invest in a white noise machine to block out outside noise.
  9. Create a cool, comfortable sleep environment. You need to be comfortable to sleep well. Invest in a good mattress—it’s worth it since you spend about 1/3 of your life in bed. Also, check your thermostat. Research suggests that the ideal temperature range for a good night’s sleep is 60 to 70°F.
  10. Try not to stress about sleep. Watching the clock and agonizing over your inability to fall asleep isn’t going to help. Instead, try techniques to calm stress and anxiety. For example, you can visualize putting anything that is troubling you into a box. Whenever something new pops into your head, visualize putting it in the box.

Above all, be patient with yourself. It will probably take time for you to find the unique combination of these tips that work for you. Don’t give up! And remember, Renew Man™ is here to help you with hormone treatments and supplements that can pave the way to better sleep.

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