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Simple Steps Men Can Take for a Healthy Sex Life at Any Age

August 9th, 2017

Reinvigorating your sex life may be easier than you think

Have you noticed your sex life slowing down and cooling off with each passing year? You don’t have to accept this as “normal” for a man of your age. If you aren’t satisfied with the quality or quantity of sexual experiences that you’re having, it’s not normal and you deserve better.

At Renew Youth, we provide a variety of treatment options designed to help men keep sexual desire and performance strong at any age. But for most men, the most effective treatment for low sex drive and ED is also the simplest one:

Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is the foundation of male sex drive and male performance. But as men age, testosterone production slows down, which is exactly why so many older men struggle to maintain a healthy sex life.

At Renew Youth, we can provide bioidentical testosterone replacement to restore youthful testosterone levels to your body, which will naturally improve your sex drive. Our treatments are personalized based on your lab results, which ensures you will receive the exact amount of testosterone you need to feel your best. And with our twice-weekly self-administered testosterone injections, you won’t even have to leave the house to get the treatment you need.

Other Hormones May Also Need Attention

Sometimes, the issues created by low testosterone can be worsened by imbalances in other hormones. For example, elevated estrogen and elevated prolactin can both kill your sex drive. We can prescribe measures to control these hormones and keep them from interfering with your sex life.

Additional Treatment Options

For most men, performance issues like ED will naturally improve once testosterone is restored to a youthful level and other hormones are balanced. However, if you need additional help, don’t worry. We have additional treatment options that can help you get stronger erections, last longer, and have more powerful orgasms.

You Deserve a Healthy Sex Life

Sex is really important for men. It’s not an afterthought, a luxury, or something you can just “do without” as you age. In addition to feeling great, sex has numerous health benefits for men, from reducing blood pressure, heart attack risk, and prostate cancer risk to promoting a stronger immune system, better sleep, and deeper emotional connections with your partner.

You deserve all these benefits and more. Take the first step towards recovering your youthful desire and performance by calling Renew Youth at 800-859-7511 today for a free consultation.

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