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Side Effects of Improper Testosterone Treatment

October 22nd, 2014

Serious side effects can occur when testosterone is treated without regard for its impact on other hormones.

You may have heard some disturbing rumors about the side effects of testosterone replacement therapy. What you probably don’t realize is that not all testosterone treatments are created equal. While it is true that improper treatment can result in the following side effects, at Renew Man™ we take all possible precautions to prevent men from experiencing any unpleasant or dangerous side effects.

Prostate Risks

Many doctors have not advanced their education beyond the outdated studies that once linked testosterone replacement and prostate cancer. In reality, healthy levels of testosterone actually protect prostate health. The issue is that when testosterone is given to men with excess belly fat, it can be converted to estrogen, which does have a negative impact on prostate health. At Renew Man™, we include measures to control estrogen in our treatment protocol to protect your prostate.


Estrogen conversion is often also the culprit behind gynecomastia, or swollen and tender breasts. This side effect is sometimes experienced by men who are not receiving proper testosterone treatment. At Renew Man™, we monitor estrogen levels closely throughout treatment to prevent this side effect.

Heart Attack Risks

Because healthy heart tissue has a high testosterone concentration (2.5 times higher than skeletal muscles), low testosterone presents significant cardiac risk factors in and of itself. Treatments that simply provide some testosterone but do not actually raise testosterone to healthy levels can leave men still at risk for cardiac troubles. To make matters worse, these improper treatments also often leave estrogen unaddressed, and elevated estrogen also has a negative effect on heart health.

Stroke Risks

Another possible side effect of elevated estrogen levels during an improper testosterone treatment is increased risk of abnormal blood clots and stroke. Because testosterone replacement can increase hematocrit levels in the blood (another risk factor for stroke), any quality treatment must also manage hematocrit.

Testicle Shrinkage & Infertility

If testosterone is prescribed all by itself, it is likely that the pituitary may stop producing lutinizing hormone, which normally stimulates the testicles to produce testosterone. This can cause the testicles to shrink and even lead to permanent fertility problems. At Renew Man™, we prevent this side effect by always including proper medications to stimulate the testicles.

Liver Damage

Method of delivery is also important for proper testosterone treatment. Unsafe treatment protocols that utilize oral testosterone delivery can actually lead to liver damage if testosterone is replaced at the level typically needed by an andropausal man.

Know the Hallmarks of Proper Testosterone Treatment

In order to avoid side effects, it is essential to choose a quality testosterone treatment protocol like Renew Man™ that is based on proven science to protect your health. Here are the key aspects of our treatment that make it safe and effective:

  • Testosterone is never treated without regard for other vital hormones
  • We only use bioidentical hormones
  • We provide personalized dosages based on ongoing lab testing to ensure men get the exact amount of testosterone and other hormones they need.
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