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Sex Life Stalled? Here’s What’s Happening to Your Body

August 2nd, 2018

Having sex on a regular basis can affect health and longevity

Lack of desire, ED, vaginal dryness, anxiety, and other changes caused by age-related hormone decline can present huge challenges for your sex life. You may find more and more time passing between sexual encounters until eventually you are no longer having any sex at all. And when your sex life suffers, so will other aspects of your life. Missing out on sex can also mean you are missing out on:

Improved Immune Function: Sexual activity is good for your immune system. Having sex will gain the immune system benefit and you may find yourself less prone to illnesses and infections.

Stress Management: Giving up sex may affect your ability to cope with stress. For example, some small studies have found that people who have been having sex regularly had fewer blood pressure spikes in response to stress.

Reduced Risk of ED: Studies have shown that abstinence can increase the risk of performance problems, especially for older men. The more you are able to stay sexually active, the lower the chances of developing an issue.

Stronger Vaginal Tissue: Sex increases blood flow to the vagina, and blood flow (along with estrogen) is very important for keeping these tissues healthy, strong, and elastic.

Improved Cardiovascular Health: Some might say sex is the most enjoyable cardio exercise. A healthy sex life is strongly associated with improved heart health.

Boost to Neuron Growth: Sexual activity boosts neuron growth in the hippocampus, which may help your mind stay sharper.

Improved Longevity: Having sex just once a week can increase longevity.

Fewer Mood Problems: Sex triggers the release of all kinds of happy brain chemicals, including oxytocin. Having more frequent sex (or physical intimacy involving skin to skin touch) will help you enjoy the mood-boosting benefits of these neurotransmitters.

Don’t Give Up on Your Sex Life

No matter what age-related challenges you may be facing with respect to your sex life, Renew Youth can help. We offer a variety of science-backed solutions for addressing low sex drive, ED, vaginal dryness, poor orgasm, and other symptoms of sexual dysfunction in men and women. Contact us today to learn more.

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