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  • Renew Man is more than low T treatment
  • We offer personalized treatments for male aging
  • Fight fatigue, weight gain, memory loss & more
  • Restore youthful sex drive and performance
  • You’re never too old to see results

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Renew Youth has been a leader in the anti-aging industry since 1999

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Are you on a mission to look better, live better, and feel better as you age?

Renew YouthTM is here to help with our Renew Man program.

This better aging program for men is designed to maximize the return on the investment you make in yourself. Whether you are most concerned about losing weight, keeping your hair, rediscovering your sex drive, or conquering some other aspect of male aging, we can give you the tools and advice you need to achieve your goals.

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Key Facts

About Renew Man

The Renew Man program is based on the latest proven science in the field of healthy aging for men.

Renew Man includes personalized treatments to address all of the hormones that affect male aging, including testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, thyroid, and growth hormone.

When done correctly, there are no side effects from testosterone therapy or other hormone therapies.

Treatments can be administered in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Renew Man really works. Once you start treatment, you will feel daily improvement and your symptoms will be diminished in a matter of weeks.

You are never too young or too old to start the Renew Man program. If your testosterone is low, you will benefit from treatment—regardless of your age.

5 Star Reviews

5 Star Reviews


“It’s only been six weeks and I have to admit I am amazed. I feel mentally quicker than I have been in 15 years, I definitely feel stronger and the whole process has been great. Very attentive staff, nicely resourced for labs and the feedback is fantastic.”

Manny Ruiz

Healthy older man

How the Renew Man Program Works

When you choose the Renew Man program, you don’t just receive best-in-class treatment options and proven safe and effective products. You also get a partner in your healthy aging efforts who sincerely cares about your needs and priorities. We will work closely with you to design and implement your personalized better aging treatment program.

It all starts with a free, no-obligation phone consultation. We’ll answer all your questions and map out your best course of action. Next, we’ll have you complete some simple lab work. Based on the results of your lab tests, we can start building a Renew Man program custom-tailored to fit your unique needs and your lifestyle. You’ll have easy access to a Renew Youth™ doctor in your local area who can help optimize your program and ensure you are seeing the results you expect and deserve.

Healthy older man