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Scientists Discover New Compounds for Fighting Prostate Cancer

November 24th, 2014

Natural compounds can be useful in fighting and preventing prostate problems.

After heart disease, prostate problems are the leading cause of health issues in aging men. The good news is that hormone therapy and supplements can help promote prostate health and reduce cancer risk, and progress is being made in the fight against prostate cancer.

New Discoveries for Fighting Prostate Cancer

A research team from the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre-Queensland has discovered that using two naturally occurring compounds together can significantly reduce prostate tumor growth, potentially enhancing the effectiveness of chemotherapy while also reducing its side effects.

The research, which is still in the pre-clinical investigation phase, centered on the combination of one compound found in the yunzhi mushroom and a Vitamin E compound found in palm oil. These two compounds work together to activate the cancer-fighting protein AMPK to high levels. The mushroom compound also helped to sensitize cancer cells to the gamma T-3 in the palm oil compound, which has anti-cancer properties of its own.

Preventing Prostate Cancer

Of course, when it comes to prostate cancer prevention is still the best medicine. While we can’t change hereditary factors, we can help address the lifestyle and hormonal issues that can contribute to an increased risk of prostate cancer.

On the hormonal front, we can help prevent prostate cancer by ensuring a healthy balance of testosterone and estrogen in the body. This is absolutely vital, because healthy testosterone is protective of prostate health while excess estrogen is dangerous.

When men have too much estrogen, there is an increased risk of estrogen hormones (specifically estrone) being metabolized improperly. Instead of converting to 2-alpha-hydroxylesterone or 16-alpha-hydroxyl and passing safely from the body, estrone may convert to the carcinogen 4-alpha-hydroxyl.

At Renew Man™, we can help prevent estrogen conversion to cancer-causing 4-alpha-hydroxyl in two main ways. First of all, we can provide several inexpensive supplements that help support safe estrogen metabolization. We can also control testosterone-estrogen conversion with medication if necessary.

On the lifestyle front, we can help men create a diet and exercise plan that will help them shed stubborn belly fat. Because excess belly fat is known to contribute to estrogen conversion issues, achieving a healthy weight can help reduce the estrogen metabolization issues that would otherwise contribute to prostate cancer risk. We will review your treatment plan frequently as your body mass and body chemistry changes to ensure your treatment continues to be safe and effective.

To learn more about options for protecting prostate health at Renew Man™, please contact us today.

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