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Prolactin: What It Is, What It Does, Why It Matters

December 20th, 2014

Learn how prolactin affects ED and other andropause symptoms.

When you were young, you probably didn’t give your body chemistry a second thought. You looked good, you felt energized, your mind was clear, and you had a roaring sex drive. However, now that you’re older, age-related hormonal decline has probably begun causing symptoms that have inspired you to learn all kinds of surprising things about your body. If erectile dysfunction or low sex drive is one of your andropause symptoms, you may need to learn about prolactin.

What is Prolactin?

Prolactin is one of many hormones produced by the pituitary gland. It is primarily a female hormone, responsible for milk production. However, just as healthy men need some of the most vital female hormone, estrogen, healthy men also have some prolactin in their bodies. The normal range for prolactin in the male body is 2 to 18 nanograms per milliliter.

What Does Prolactin Do in the Male Body?

At normal levels, prolactin doesn’t do much for the male body. However, when prolactin levels become elevated due to tumors on the pituitary or other glandular problems, men can experience serious sexual side effects. One possible problem is swelling of the glands in the breasts. A far more serious concern is that the male body tends to decrease testosterone production when confronted with too much prolactin. This results in all kinds of problems including low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, insomnia, depression, and more.

Why Should I Care About Prolactin?

The main reason andropausal men should care about prolactin is that it can worsen the symptoms of low testosterone significantly. Considering that testosterone is the most important male hormone, and andropausal men already suffer from a deficiency of it, elevated prolactin can make an already unpleasant situation worse. It is very important to understand the relationship between testosterone and prolactin if you plan to undergo testosterone therapy.

How Renew Man™ Helps

At Renew Man™, we can help address symptoms of low testosterone, including those being exacerbated by elevated prolactin. Unlike other ED treatment providers, we never provide one-size-fits-all treatment plans or address hormones in isolation. Instead, we conduct thorough testing of all vital hormones to ensure that we understand your unique body chemistry. We identify all hormones that need adjustment and calculate precisely how much they need to be adjusted to bring your hormone levels into a healthy balance and relieve your andropause symptoms. Please contact us today to get paired with a Renew Man™ doctor in your local area who can provide the testing and treatment you need.

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