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Over the Counter Testosterone Boosters Don’t Work—Here’s Why

October 15th, 2015

Learn why testosterone replacement is the only safe and effective way to treat low T.

Are you suffering from signs of low testosterone? You might be tempted to try to solve the problem yourself using an over the counter product. Watch out! These kinds of testosterone boosters simply don’t work. Here’s why.

They Don’t Contain Testosterone

By law, the only way to get testosterone is with a prescription. This means that any over the counter “testosterone booster” you may see on the shelves at your local drug store, big box store, or nutrition store is using some other ingredient to attempt to encourage your body to produce more testosterone. Naturally this is less effective than replacing testosterone directly.

They’re Not Backed Up By Science

Many substances have somewhat mysteriously acquired a reputation for being effective testosterone boosters despite the fact that there is little to no scientific evidence to back this up.

The Dosage is Hard to Control

When testosterone boosters work at all, they are difficult to control. Depending on what else is going on with your body chemistry, you may produce more or less testosterone in response to the active ingredients than the average man. And with a one-size-fits-all dose of the booster, you are not likely to get the right amount of testosterone that is necessary to bring your body chemistry into a healthy balance.

One possible example of this is DHEA. This precursor hormone can be converted to testosterone in the body and as a result some companies market DHEA as a testosterone booster. Unfortunately, over the counter dosages of DHEA are seldom enough to make a difference in how you feel.

The Product Contents May Not Match the Label

If you are purchasing some kind of herbal supplement that claims to boost testosterone, it is entirely possible that the contents may not match the ingredients on the label. The alleged active ingredient may be missing entirely, or various fillers may have been added.

They Can Cause Side Effects

Many substances advertised as testosterone boosters can cause unwanted side effects. This is true whether the booster is effective or not. For example, the dubious herbal remedy tribulus terrestris can cause prostate problems as well as issues with drug interactions for men taking certain heart, blood pressure, and diabetes medications. Another example is zinc—while large doses of zinc can help increase testosterone, large doses can also cause issues with cholesterol and increase risk of prostate cancer.

Renew Man™ has a Better Way to Boost Testosterone

At Renew Man™, we use bioidentical hormone replacement to boost testosterone safely and effectively. You can rely on your Renew Man™ doctor to tailor your treatment to your specific needs, ensuring that you receive the right amount of testosterone to increase your levels to a healthy range where you will feel your best.

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