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New Study Shows Benefits of Testosterone Therapy for Heart Health

February 16th, 2017

Testosterone replacement therapy can help protect men with low T from heart attack and stroke

Testosterone is simply the single most important hormone in the male body. Men have testosterone receptors all over their bodies, so low testosterone is going to make itself felt in a variety of ways, from fatigue to low sex drive to memory loss to many other symptoms associated with being an “old” man.
Unfortunately, misinformation about the safety of testosterone therapy—particularly the impact of testosterone on heart health—has prevented many men from receiving the treatment they need to conquer signs of male aging and feel their best.

Recently, a new study came out supporting the benefits of testosterone therapy for heart health. Hopefully, this will encourage more men to explore this treatment under the care of a board certified physician such as a Renew Youth™ doctor.

BU Medical Center Researchers Report on Safety of Long-Term Testosterone Therapy
The results of a study from Boston University Medical Center were published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics this month. The eight-year-long study followed 656 men aged 60 and older who had been diagnosed with low testosterone. Of the study subjects, 360 men received testosterone therapy and 296 did not.

At the end of the eight years, there had been 19 heart attack deaths, 26 non-fatal heart attacks, and 30 non-fatal strokes in the control group. There had been no such incidents in the group receiving testosterone therapy.

According to the study author, Abdulmaged M. Traish PhD, “The low CV [cardiovascular] events observed in the T-group compared to the untreated [control] group strongly suggests that TTH [testosterone therapy] is protective.” He went on to express his hope that clinicians might use this information to recommend testosterone therapy as a secondary cardiovascular disease prevention measure in men with low testosterone.

Quality of Testosterone Treatment Matters

Though the study did not go into detail regarding the specific protocols used for the testosterone therapy, it is worth pointing out that the quality of the treatment program can certainly affect men’s health. At Renew Youth™, we have incorporated numerous safety protocols into our testosterone replacement therapy to help safeguard our clients’ health:

  • Only bioidentical testosterone used
  • Safe delivery methods used—primarily testosterone injections
  • Dosages based on lab tests and designed to bring testosterone up to the level where each individual feels his best
  • Consideration for other vital hormones like estrogen, DHEA, thyroid, and cortisol
  • Ongoing monitoring of hormone levels and hematocrit levels

If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of testosterone therapy from Renew Youth™, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and refer you to a qualified Renew Youth™ doctor in your local area when you’re ready.

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