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New Study Links Testosterone Injections to Reduced Heart Attack Risk

July 9th, 2014

Testosterone injections reduced risk 30 percent in the segment of patients considered most likely to have a heart attack.

In recent years, the public has been exposed to a lot of misinformation about testosterone replacement therapy, most notably in the form of flawed studies that supposedly found a link between testosterone and increased risk of heart attacks. Fortunately, new research is now being conducted which helps to correct this misinformation and publicize the benefits of testosterone therapy for men’s overall health.

One notable new study recently appeared online in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy. In this study, researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch analyzed records belonging to 24,000 Medicare patients from around the country. When the men in this sample group who had received at least one testosterone injection between 1997 and 2005 were compared to the men who had not had this treatment, two important conclusions became apparent.

  • First of all, the data showed that men who received testosterone treatment via injection were not more likely to have a heart attack than those who did not. In other words, testosterone injections did not increase the risk of heart attack.
  • Furthermore, when the men included in the study were separated into groups based on their overall pre-existing risk for heart problems, the researchers found that testosterone injections actually helped reduce the risk of heart attack in certain patients. Specifically, in the quarter of the group judged to be at highest risk for heart attack, risk levels were reduced by 30 percent in patients receiving testosterone injections.

The results of this study agree with numerous prior studies going back decades that have concluded testosterone is protective of men’s heart health. However, it is important to note that this particular study does have some limitations.

First of all, only testosterone injections were studied. Patients who may have received testosterone via patches, pills, or topical gels were not considered. In a way, this limitation is actually a benefit, because it excludes unsafe delivery methods like patches and pills from consideration. At Renew Man™, we prefer all patients to use injections, as this is the safest and most effective delivery method.

Another limitation was that the study did not consider what medications the men may have been taking, their diets, or their exercise regimens. These factors can certainly affect heart health, and some might argue that men receiving testosterone injections are also likely to eat healthy and exercise. At Renew Man™, we certainly encourage men to support the effectiveness of their testosterone treatments by eating right and getting plenty of exercise.

If you are interested in learning more about adding testosterone therapy to your efforts to support healthy aging, please contact Renew Man™ today.

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