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New Study Links Borderline Low T to Depression

July 27th, 2015

Depression may have a physical cause, not a mental one, for men with lower testosterone levels.

Healthy aging experts such as Renew Man™ have long known that depression can be linked to Low T, especially in older men. Why? Because testosterone (along with other vital hormones such as DHEA, thyroid, and cortisol) affects serotonin levels in the brain. When testosterone declines, so does serotonin, and the result can range from a mild “case of the blahs” to clinical depression, depending on the individual.

Unfortunately, many doctors do not understand the link between age-related hormonal decline—specifically low testosterone—and depression. This often leads them to prescribe antidepressants to help men manage symptoms that could actually be relieved entirely with hormone replacement therapy. Instead of finding true relief, these men end up dependent on their medications, often suffering from diminished sex drive, compromised sexual function, and mood swings.

The good news is that the release of a highly publicized study on the link between testosterone and depression could help change this pattern.

The study, which was performed by researchers at George Washington University and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, shows that men do not actually have to have Low T in order to have an elevated risk of depression—rather, symptoms can appear before testosterone levels fall into the range defined as Low T.

Researchers found that of 200 men with borderline testosterone levels between 200 and 350 ng/dL, 56 percent had depression and/or depressive symptoms. Many of the participants also had other symptoms commonly associated with inadequate testosterone, such as ED, low sex drive, low energy, and sleep issues.

The First Step Is Talking About It

The typical male reluctance to discuss personal problems, especially emotional ones, can be very harmful when it comes to depression. Because men don’t talk about their feelings, they can go longer without being diagnosed or treated for their depression and therefore have a greater potential for feelings of depression to develop into a devastating mental health problem.

Knowing that their depression could very well have a physical cause rather than a mental one just may help men open up and discuss their condition with their doctor. That way, they can get the help they need.

At Renew Man™, our healthy aging experts are always available to discuss your symptoms in a safe, judgment-free environment and offer unbiased information about treatment options. To learn more or to schedule an appointment with a Renew Man™ doctor in your area, please contact us today.

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