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New Study Finds Lower Mortality Rates for Men Using Testosterone Therapy

August 21st, 2019

A newly released study that looked at data from a population of Veterans found that men with a history of myocardial infarction who received testosterone replacement therapy had a lower risk of mortality from all causes compared to men who continued to have low testosterone. Let’s take a closer look at this study and see what it really tells us.

The Specifics of the Study

The study, which involved medical researchers and physicians from around the world, found that men who had normalized testosterone levels after doing hormone replacement therapy had a lower risk of mortality from all causes when compared with men who continued to have low testosterone. The study also found that using testosterone replacement therapy had no impact at all on the men’s risk for future incidents of myocardial infarction.

Does the Study Endorse Testosterone Therapy?

Not across the board. In fact, one senior researcher noted that what the study actually shows is the importance of proper dosing, among other things. This researcher pointed out that since the results were only positive for men who saw a significant increase in testosterone levels, it is essential to work with a prescribing doctor who is highly experienced with HRT. In other words, to enjoy the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy, treatment must be done properly.

Make Sure You Have the Facts About Testosterone Replacement in Men

Unfortunately, false information about hormone replacement therapy abounds. For example, some men become concerned when they learn that testosterone is an anabolic steroid. While the word “steroid” has negative connotations for many, consider that men produce the steroid testosterone naturally. What’s more, men need testosterone to live. During testosterone replacement, testosterone is simply put back into the body if the body can no longer produce enough on its own.

It’s also important to know that testosterone therapy shouldn’t cause side effects provided it’s done correctly and is overseen by medical professionals proficient in testosterone replacement. Treatment programs through Renew Youth are always physician supervised, always involve ongoing monitoring, and are always tailored to each patient’s physiological needs using the latest and best protocols.

Finally, it’s important to know that simply replacing testosterone alone is not enough for most men. In fact, this approach can result in poor outcomes. Instead, when testosterone replacement is done correctly, testosterone is balanced relative to other important hormones, like estrogen. This is why all Renew Youth clients do a full hormone panel prior to starting treatment, and an estrogen blocker is part of most treatment regimens.

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