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New Research Proves Testosterone Can Help Men With Type 2 Diabetes

December 20th, 2015

Testosterone helps regulate insulin sensitivity in diabetic men.

Last month, a team of seasoned researchers from SUNY Buffalo published the first definitive evidence that testosterone can function as an insulin sensitizer and a metabolic hormone in the journal Diabetes Care.

Their research was based on a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study including 94 men diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Of the study participants, 44 men were also diagnosed with low testosterone. Before the study began, these men were expressing significantly lower levels of insulin-signaling genes than their fellows. During the study, they were split into two randomized groups, one receiving a weekly testosterone injection and the other receiving a placebo.

At the study’s conclusion 24 weeks later, the men who had received a weekly testosterone injection had achieved a dramatic increase in insulin sensitivity. This was demonstrated by a 32 percent increase in glucose uptake and a similar increase in the expression of important genes that mediate insulin signaling.

Another interesting observation from the study was that the men who received testosterone injections lost about 6 pounds of body fat and gained about the same amount of muscle. This is consistent with prior knowledge of testosterone’s role in building lean muscle.

Though there was no decrease in the men’s hemoglobin A1C levels during this study, the lead researchers believe that this key marker of effective diabetes control would appear with a longer treatment program.

This study gains more weight from the fact that it is by no means this research team’s first foray into the topic of testosterone and diabetes. They have been studying this field since 2004 and have published several other studies, including one that showed a link between diabetes, obesity, and low testosterone.

Why Does This Matter?

Research like this is helping to dispel the commonly-held notion that testosterone is “just” a sex hormone. All too often, this attitude prevents men from getting the low T treatment they need. Then, they not only suffer needlessly with all kinds of andropause symptoms—including sexual issues—but also put their overall health at risk.

Remember, insulin control is extremely important, even if you are not diabetic. Insulin is an inflammatory hormone. If not properly regulated in the body, it worsens inflammation and oxidative stress, contributing to many chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, and arthritis.

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