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Menopause Feels Worse in America, Survey Suggests

October 21st, 2015

Culture may affect how women experience menopause.

The biology of menopause is the same the whole world over. But, according to analysis of a recent survey, the experience of menopause can feel very different depending upon your country and culture.

The survey focused primarily on the impact of menopause on women’s sex lives and relationships. A total of 8,200 older men and women from countries in North America and Europe were surveyed. Then, researchers from Yale Medical School analyzed a subset of this data, focusing on postmenopausal women ages 55 to 65 and men in relationships with women in this same age group.

According to the lead study author, the analysis revealed that men and women seemed less concerned about menopause symptoms in countries where elders are respected or even revered. In countries such as the US, on the other hand, where youth is revered and visible signs of aging are fought tooth and nail, many women find menopause symptoms much more devastating, likely because of their connection with aging.

Best and Worst Countries for an Easy Menopause

When only the female survey respondents’ answers were considered, the data suggested that the menopause transition felt easiest in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Women from these countries reported that their transition turned out to be easier than they expected. Women from the US, UK, France, and Canada, on the other hand, tended to report that their experience was worse than expected.

Yet among all survey respondents, the top menopause complaints were the same: hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and insomnia.

So why the difference in the menopause experience? Well, in addition to the differences in the perception of aging already mentioned, researchers suggest that differences in perceived gender roles, use of language, and symptom reporting could also play a role in how women from different cultures assess the severity of their symptoms.

What Can You Do to Find Relief?

If you are entering perimenopause or menopause, you don’t just have to resign yourself to a difficult experience. Instead, you can turn to Renew Woman™ for safe and effective menopause treatment options.

We can help with all those top menopause complaints and many more. Our core treatment is hormone replacement therapy, which helps to safely balance all the vital hormones in your body to address all menopause symptoms and also support your general health as you age. However, we can also offer other treatment options that can help alleviate symptoms like low sex drive or dry skin without necessarily altering your overall body chemistry. To learn more, all you have to do is contact us.

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