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Looking for Safe Hormone Therapy in Denver CO?

March 30th, 2018

Learn about the safeguards included in Renew Youth’s hormone therapy

There are many hormone replacement providers out there, particularly when it comes to testosterone replacement. However, not all providers can be trusted to deliver safe and effective treatment that is in accordance with the latest proven science and includes vital safeguards to protect your health.

At Renew Youth, we are a provider you can trust. We do not take shortcuts with testosterone replacement or any other type of hormone therapy in Denver CO. We are always happy to explain our treatment methods and protocols so you can understand what sets us above the competition in terms of safety and effectiveness.

Hallmarks of Safe and Effective Hormone Therapy in Denver CO

Experienced Provider: Renew Youth has over 19 years of experience in the field of healthy aging for men and women. We are intimately familiar with the science in this area, and our treatments reflect our expertise.

Balancing of All Relevant Hormones: Many hormone providers offer just estrogen for women or just testosterone for men. Either approach is unsafe. Low estrogen and low testosterone can both cause imbalances in other vital hormones, therefore they cannot be treated in a vacuum. In order to restore balance and provide comprehensive symptom relief, hormone therapy in Denver CO must address all relevant hormones including DHEA, thyroid, cortisol, progesterone, and even growth hormone.

Individualized dosages: Healthy hormone levels are not a number; they are a range. At Renew Youth, we provide individualized dosages designed to bring your levels to the point in the range where you feel your best. We use your lab results as a starting point for your dosages, and then adjust them based on your symptoms.

Safe treatment methods: There are many different methods for administering hormone replacement therapy, some of which have been associated with adverse treatment outcomes. At Renew Youth, we use only the safest treatment methods that deliver hormone in the most natural way possible to your system. This means testosterone injections for men and estrogen cream for women.

Bioidentical hormones: Synthetic hormones are almost—but not quite—identical to the hormones your body makes. This means they are not quite absorbed and used in the body the same way as natural hormones. Many negative side effects, including cancer, may result from using synthetic hormones. At Renew Youth, we protect against this risk by using bioidentical hormones that your body cannot distinguish from its own natural hormones.

Doctor Supervision: All Renew Youth clients see a board-certified physician for their treatment. Your doctor will order routine lab testing to ensure your treatment remains safe and effective as your body chemistry changes. Your doctor will also be available to discuss any changes in your symptoms and adjust your treatment as needed.

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