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Let’s Talk About Andropause In Men

August 16th, 2013

One of the biggest hurdles in treating andropause in men is the fact that no one wants to talk about it. Everyone knows about menopause, the female equivalent of this condition; but andropause in men remains somewhat of an unknown to most Americans.

By talking about andropause, we can not only spread the word about the symptoms of this condition, but also inform men about the quality of life improvements that can be achieved via male hormone therapy. First off, let’s debunk some of the myths associated with andropause in men.

Myth: It’s a “sex thing.”

Fact: While andropause does affect sex drive and performance, this condition is actually about much more than sex. The hormone imbalance associated with andropause also affects physical appearance, mood, and work performance. Andropause can cause weight gain, and low testosterone levels can make it hard to develop and maintain lean muscle. Andropause can also cause depression and irritability, and make it hard to remain focused, energetic, and competitive in the workplace.

Myth: Andropause is all about testosterone.

Fact: While testosterone is considered the most important male hormone related to aging, it is not the only hormone affected by andropause. Estrogen, thyroid, DHEA and cortisol can be affected, too. And because your hormones interact with one another, a deficiency in one can cause an imbalance in another.  It’s typically imbalances in multiple hormones that create the symptoms of andropause in men.

Myth: Male menopause is for wimps.

Fact: Even the most “manly” of men will suffer from andropause at some point as they get older. No one escapes it.  It’s a fact of life. Many men are surprised to learn that hormones actually begin to decline when a man is in his late 20s.  It’s just that it takes another 10 to 15 years before this decline progresses to where symptoms are noticed (usually between the ages of 35 and 40). By 50, virtually all men will experience symptoms.

Myth: There’s no real treatment for andropause in men.

Fact: If done correctly, andropause can be safely and effectively treated using hormone therapy. In fact, hormone therapy (i.e. restoring hormones to healthy levels) is the only effective way to treat andropause in men.  Many men try over-the-counter supplements and other products that promise to restore youthful vigor, only to find that these “remedies” are ineffective.  The truth is that only expert hormone treatment from a qualified physician will eliminate the symptoms of andropause.  And if done correctly, results can be seen in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

Myth: By the time you notice symptoms, it’s too late.

Fact: Andropause in men can be treated with hormone therapy at any age. Even men in their 80s can feel more energetic, focused, and virile. So no matter what your age, don’t give up on yourself!

Let Renew Man™ help you to get your life back.  Our physicians are experts when it comes to hormone therapy for men, and our protocols are tried and true.  Give us a call at 800-859-7511.  We won’t try to sell you anything, but we will give you the straight facts.

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