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Is Your Sex Life Lacking? Check Your Hormones

February 3rd, 2022

How important is sex?

Aside from being enjoyable, consider the many ways regular sex can benefit your health:

  • Improved sleep
  • Lower cardiovascular disease risk
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Stress relief
  • Reduced prostate cancer risk for men
  • Strengthened pelvic floor muscles and improved bladder control for women
  • Improved mood
  • And much more…

We believe strongly that these benefits should not be limited to people in their 20s and 30s.

But As the Years Go By…

The aging process can make it a challenge to keep having an enjoyable sex life.

Libido declines. Women may experience a lack of vaginal lubrication and pain during sex. Men may struggle with erectile dysfunction.

And for both sexes, an overall decline in physical health that affects things like energy level and mood can be detrimental to one’s sex life.

In almost all cases, age-related sexual challenges can be tied to one dominant cause: imbalanced hormones.

Hormones and Sexual Health

Hormones control virtually every process within the human body…everything from your energy level to your metabolism and sleep. It should come as no surprise that your sex life also depends on properly balanced hormones. Not having the right hormones present in the right amounts can make enjoyable sex nearly impossible.

Following are some of hormones that are important for a healthy sex life:

  • TestosteroneMen and women both depend on testosterone as the fuel for sex drive.Testosterone is the dominant sex hormone in men—meaning men need a lot of it to feel good and to have a strong sex drive. But women need testosterone, too…albeit a smaller amount.Testosterone also helps men and women to maintain the healthy muscle mass needed for intense physical activity (like sex).
  • EstrogenJust like testosterone is the dominant sex hormone for men, estrogen is the dominant sex hormone for women. Women need higher amounts of estrogen to feel good; men need just a little bit.While not the primary driver for libido in women, estrogen does play a role in sex drive. Estrogen is also critical for maintaining vaginal elasticity and lubrication. So much so that insufficient estrogen can lead to painful sex and vaginal tearing.Men don’t need nearly as much estrogen as women need, but they do need some—and it needs to be just the right amount. Too much estrogen can extinguish a man’s sex drive; but too little can do the same in some men.
  • ProgesteroneFor women this hormone enhances relaxation and positive emotions, and it also reduces anxiety…all good when it comes to being in the mood.
  • ThyroidThe hormones secreted by your thyroid gland regulate your body’s metabolism. As a result, thyroid hormones indirectly affect many bodily functions…with your sex drive being one of them. Low thyroid levels can cause depression, insomnia, and weight gain—which can reduce a person’s interest in sex.
  • CortisolYour body needs higher cortisol levels for short periods of time to enhance your body’s ability to respond to a crisis.However, long term stress can cause high levels of cortisol to be sustained for long periods of time. The eventual result is adrenal fatigue—a condition where the adrenal glands are unable to produce the small amounts of cortisol a person needs on daily basis to feel good and be healthy. Symptoms of adrenal fatigue include irritability, insomnia, and weight gain…all of which can compromise a person’s libido.

Healthy Hormones = Better Sex

At Renew Youth, we understand the important role healthy hormone levels play in maintaining optimal health…and that includes a healthy sex life.

Don’t suffer with low sex drive or sexual dysfunction. Call us today at 800-859-7511 or use our convenient contact form to schedule your free consultation.

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