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Is Menopause Affecting Your Marriage?

October 13th, 2015

Get help weathering the physical, emotional, and sexual changes that attend menopause

Menopause is a major change in a woman’s life. It should come as no surprise that this change can affect more than just your health. It can affect your career, your relationships, and of course your marriage.

Here are the three main menopause symptoms that can impact a marriage.

Mood Swings: In the best of times, married couples tend to get on each other’s nerves. But bring mood swings into the picture and the potential for hurt feelings grows exponentially. The woman may find herself feeling very sad or outright depressed for reasons her partner doesn’t understand, or feeling extremely irritated by pet peeves that she used to just overlook. It can be difficult for both partners to remain patient with one another during this time.

Body Issues: While most people would agree that the strongest marriages are based on more than just looks, nonetheless the physical changes to a woman’s appearance brought on by menopause can affect a marriage. Sometimes the problem is mainly with how the woman sees herself—thinning hair, weight gain, and dry skin can all affect a woman’s self-esteem. She may feel undesirable and this could become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Low Sex Drive: What do you call a sexless marriage? A really close friendship. Sex is important for marriage because it builds intimacy. Unfortunately, with the onset of menopause, physical changes in a woman’s body chemistry can all but kill her desire for sex or even make sex uncomfortable or painful. If these issues are not addressed, partners can easily end up feeling estranged from one another.

Renew Woman™ Can Help

The good news is that you don’t just have to sit idly by and watch your life—and your marriage—get turned upside down by menopause. Renew Woman™ offers safe and effective menopause treatment options that can be used to fight menopause symptoms, make you feel like yourself again, and leave you free to focus on renewing and strengthening your bond with your partner.

It’s Not All On You—We Can Help Your Partner Too

It is important to realize that if you and your partner are close in age, your partner may also be going through age-related hormonal changes that could cause their own set of challenges for your marriage. Heterosexual women may find that their husbands are suffering from andropause at the same time they experience menopause, and same-sex partners may find that one partner is entering perimenopause while the other is in the full throes of menopause. Thanks to our partnership with Renew Man™, we can treat couples together to help both partners achieve their healthy aging goals and maintain a healthy marriage.

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