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Is Intermittent Fasting a Real Solution for the Symptoms of Aging?

August 13th, 2019

Intermittent fasting has become popular in recent years as a method to improve overall health, and as a way to slow the aging process. But does it really work? At Renew Youth, we have medically proven options to combat the symptoms of aging. Could intermittent fasting be another piece of the puzzle?

A Look at the Latest Study from Harvard Researchers

A recent study from Harvard has confirmed exactly what other studies have shown: intermittent fasting can increase a person’s lifespan, slow down the aging process, and improve their overall health. What’s unique about the Harvard study is that it appears to not only confirm these findings, but also uncovers the underlying biology behind these benefits.

It’s All in the Mitochondrial Networks

Harvard’s study reveals that intermittent fasting seems to work by altering how mitochondrial networks work inside our cells. Think of mitochondrial networks as tiny power plants that are contained within each cell. These networks can be found in one of two states: fused or fragmented. The more plasticity there is between these two states, the slower the rate of cellular aging.

According to the study, fasting manipulates these networks in a way that improves plasticity between fused and fragmented states. Researchers say that when they “locked” this plasticity and did not allow for changes between these two states, there was no positive effect from fasting or dietary restriction when it came to improving longevity. This led to their conclusion that enhanced plasticity between fused and fragmented states is what results in longer lifespan.

Peroxisomes Are Important, Too

The same study discovered that while fasting, coordination between mitochondrial networks and peroxisomes—which are a type of organelle essential to the metabolization of fat—is also enhanced. The researchers found that lifespan was increased by simply ensuring homeostasis between mitochondrial network peroxisomes, which was accomplished through dietary intervention in the form of fasting.

Potential Long-Term Implications of New Research

This is not the first time a study has shown that intermittent fasting can help to reduce the symptoms of aging, as well as age-related disease. It is, however, a significant step toward truly understanding how and why. With further investigation, scientists hope to use this data to consider new methods for managing the aging process and increasing longevity.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is Compatible with Intermittent Fasting

Renew Youth specializes in using personalized hormone replacement protocols to help our clients manage the aging process. These strategies can be used in conjunction with others, like intermittent fasting, to maximize results. Call us today at (800) 859-7511 for a free consultation.

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