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Injectable Nutrients for Weight Loss

March 12th, 2016

Supercharge your metabolism with injectable nutrients and see better results from diet and exercise

Are you frustrated by the limited results you’ve been seeing from your diet and exercise plan? Don’t give up! Injectable nutrients may be exactly what you need to supercharge your weight loss program with an added dose of fat burning and muscle building power.

Why Injectable Nutrients?

Prescription-grade injectable nutrients provide an easy way to give your body the right amount of pure, undiluted vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and/or peptides needed to boost your energy levels, make your metabolism more efficient, and help melt away fat. This saves you from the annoyance and confusion that can come from trying to get your nutrients from your diet alone.

By getting your metabolic processes functioning optimally, injectable nutrients can also deliver a variety of other positive side-benefits:

  • improved cardiovascular function
  • hormone balancing
  • improved oxygen and blood flow
  • decrease in risks of various diseases such as liver dysfunction, diabetes, obesity, etc.
  • improved brain function for enhanced mental clarity and concentration
  • decrease in dangerous visceral fat

Top Injectable Nutrients

Depending on your specific weight loss needs and fitness goals, we can create a custom blend of ingredients. Some of the best nutrients for weight loss injections include:

Vitamin B12: B12 is excellent for boosting energy levels to fuel your workouts. Plus, B12 plays an important role in a metabolic process known as the Krebs Cycle. When you supplement B12, the Krebs Cycle works more efficiently to process metabolites (including glucose, amino acids, and vitamins) and convert food into energy for burning off fat.

Inositol: This super-lipotropic (fat-burning) compound can aid in metabolic processes involved in breaking down fat, transporting it to be burned off, cleansing the liver, and correcting insulin signal conversion. Inositol also acts on the brain to improve mental clarity.

Choline: Choline is another powerful lipotropic compound. It too supports the breakdown of fat into energy, and also plays important roles in protecting and cleansing the liver.

Methionine: This lipotropic amino acid can be extremely valuable for individuals with hormonal imbalance and a poor diet. It helps deactivate excess estrogen and eliminate toxic chemicals from the body while also protecting the liver. When hormones are balanced, methionine begins to promote weight loss.

Arginine: Often found in protein-rich foods, arginine is excellent for supporting workouts and recovery. It triggers the release of nitric oxide to widen blood vessels, improve blood and oxygen flow, and enable you to push yourself harder during your workouts. It can also trigger growth hormone production, which supports cell growth and repair to build lean muscle.

Glutamine: When you exercise, your body’s glutamine stores get used up. If you work too hard, you can end up feeling weak, burned out, and vulnerable to muscle loss as your body desperately searches for sources of energy. By supplementing glutamine, you can ensure your stores are replenished as you work out. This not only helps you work out more intensely without feeling tired; it also ensures existing muscle is protected and fat stores are targeted for energy instead.

Carnitine: This amino acid makes androgen receptors more responsible to shedding stubborn fat. It can also help support the function of other amino acids in the metabolic processes required for turning fat into energy. Plus, it helps suppress appetite so you are less tempted to snack.

HCG: Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a natural protein hormone (or peptide hormone) that is extremely effective in targeting fat deposits, especially those dangerous visceral fat deposits that can surround vital organs. HCG also helps to optimize testosterone levels to support muscle growth, mood improvements, and weight loss.

Other Peptides: Sermorelin, GHRP-2, and GHRP-6 are all peptides that can be used to help stimulate your body to produce more of its own natural growth hormone. More growth hormone means enhanced cell growth and repair for faster development of lean muscle.

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