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Improve Lean Muscle Mass at Any Age

January 15th, 2017

Discover the 3 main steps you need to take to build muscle after menopause or andropause

Muscle mass declines with age—it’s a simple fact of life. However, there are steps you can take to preserve and even improve the size and condition of your muscles. While these steps will be effective at any age, you certainly don’t want to delay in implementing them. Remember, muscle mass peaks in your 30s, so the earlier you get started, the more muscle you will have left to preserve and the easier it will be to stay fit and strong in the future.

Balance Your Hormones

Age-related hormone decline is a primary cause of muscle loss in aging men and women. As levels of testosterone, DHEA, and growth hormone decline, it becomes more difficult to build and maintain muscle tissue. With less muscle, your metabolism slows and you end up gaining weight in all the wrong places. Fortunately, Renew Youth™ offers safe and effective hormone replacement therapy designed to bring testosterone and DHEA back into a healthy balance with the rest of your vital hormones. This will help restore a healthy metabolism and make your workouts more effective at building muscle. If you are diagnosed with Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency, we can also provide treatments to boost growth hormone for even bigger results on muscle mass.

Improve Nutrition

It’s common knowledge that you need protein to build and maintain muscle. But remember, not all protein is created equal. You need “high biological value” protein, which contains the right proportions of amino acids that your body needs. One excellent example is whey protein, which is available as a supplement. Other important nutrients for your muscles include Vitamin D, creatine, carnitine, glutamine, arginine, and omega-3 fatty acids. Many of these nutrients are available through our injectable nutrient therapy.


Obviously, if you want to keep the muscle mass you already have and potentially even build more, you need to exercise. Specifically, you need to be doing resistance exercises, which will stimulate your muscles in way simple cardio does not. Exercise triggers the release of hormones that help to build muscle. Two key examples are growth hormone, which is essential for cell repair and renewal in muscle tissue throughout the body, and mechano growth factor, which is a local growth factor that acts on the specific muscles you are exercising. Being physically active can also help enhance the effectiveness of your hormone therapy for even more support for your muscles.

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Remember, it is never too early to begin proactively preserving your muscle mass. Please contact Renew Youth™ today to learn more about treatment options tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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