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How to Evaluate Vitamin Supplements

January 20th, 2018

Learn about 3 factors to consider when choosing multi-ingredient supplements.

Proper nutrition is extremely important for healthy aging. However, it can be difficult to get all the nutrition you need from food alone. This is where multi-vitamins and other nutritional supplements become very valuable. When done correctly, supplementation can:

  • Correct nutritional deficiencies
  • Provide anti-oxidant protection
  • Target & rejuvenate all major systems in the body

In addition to choosing the correct nutrients for your needs, you need to carefully consider where you purchase your supplements, in order to ensure you end up with a quality product that truly delivers on its promises. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a multi-ingredient vitamin supplement:

Ingredient Quality: Many poor quality products are on the market. For example, a few years ago testing revealed that many of the store-brand nutritional supplements found on popular big box store shelves were mislabeled. In some cases, the product did not contain the ingredients on the label, or did not deliver the promised dosage. In other cases, the product contained additional, unlabeled ingredients as filler. It is essential to get your vitamins from a trusted source such as Renew Youth. All of our supplement formulas have been third-party tested for potency and purity.

Bioavailability: Because the human body doesn’t absorb nutrients with 100 percent efficiency, you must consider bioavailability when choosing a supplement. Bioavailability refers to the proportion of a nutrient that gets used or stored in the body, rather than being excreted. A wide variety of factors can affect bioavailability, including the form of the nutrient that is used. For example, calcium supplements typically contain either calcium citrate or calcium carbonate. While calcium carbonate is a good choice, calcium citrate is better absorbed by the body—in some cases it may be twice as bioavailable as calcium carbonate.

Synergy: Some nutrients work better when taken with the right cofactors. A cofactor is a molecule that triggers metabolic reactions that make it easier for the body to use other nutrients. For example, if you are supplementing Vitamin E, it is important to also make sure you are getting enough zinc, because you need zinc in order to keep enough Vitamin E in your blood.

Delivery Method: While most supplements come in an oral form, there are some nutrients that are so adversely affected by stomach acids that it is simply not practical to take them in this form. For these types of nutrients, an injectable nutrient formula would be the proper way to supplement.

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