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How Common is ED?

May 15th, 2015

Over half of all American men have some degree of erectile dysfunction.

Judging by the amount of air time given to ads for Viagra and other products, you might assume everyone suffers from ED. But judging by the complete silence you hear on this issue from men you actually know, you might feel very alone in your suffering.

The reality is that ED is in fact a common problem. It’s just that men don’t like to talk about it in real life.

According to The Massachusetts Male Aging Study:

  • By age 40, 40% of adult men have some degree of ED.
  • This rate increases to about 70% by age 70.
  • The rate of ED in the adult male population overall is 52%.

We know you don’t want to talk about your ED with your friends—and we’re not asking you to. But you do need to talk about it with your partner and with your doctor if you want to get help.

What Do We Mean By “Some Degree” of ED?

ED does not mean you are completely out of commission sexually. Instead, it just indicates some persistent difficulty with one or more of the following:

  • Getting an erection
  • Keeping an erection
  • Feeling desire for sex

Possible Causes of ED

Sex is actually a lot more complicated than you might think. It involves a complex interplay between the brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. There is a lot that could go wrong here and present the possibility for some type of erectile dysfunction. In order to successfully treat your ED, you need to enlist your doctor’s help and figure out whether the cause is physical, emotional/mental, or hormonal.

Key Steps for Addressing ED with Hormone Therapy

If your erectile dysfunction has a hormonal cause, you may be able to restore healthy function with hormone replacement therapy from Renew Man™. This therapy may include:

  • Boosting testosterone: Healthy levels of testosterone play a major role in sexual function. Testosterone is needed to promote a healthy sex drive, stimulate nerve endings in the brain during arousal, and produce enough nitric oxide to serve as the building block for healthy erections.
  • Reducing estrogen: When men have too much belly fat, testosterone can actually get converted to estrogen in those fat cells. High estrogen levels are a known sex drive killer for men.
  • Controlling prolactin: Prolactin is primarily a female hormone, but the male body does produce a little bit of it. If the pituitary gland goes haywire and produces too much prolactin, the body will produce even less testosterone and sex drive will suffer even more. Therefore any hormone treatment for ED must test for and control prolactin.

Ready to Get Started?

Take the first step towards improving your sexual function today by contacting Renew Man™. We have many different treatment options to explore, so even if your ED has not have a purely hormonal cause we can help.

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