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Oxytocin in Women

Oxytocin in Women

Women often associate oxytocin with conception, childbirth, and lactation. What many women don’t know is that oxytocin has a sexy side. We like to call it the love hormone.

The Facts about Oxytocin in Women

  1. Oxytocin plays a huge role in the non-procreative aspects of sex.
  2. Both women and men release oxytocin during foreplay and sex.
  3. Oxytocin contributes significantly to orgasm.

Common Symptoms


Oxytocin is released in response to a variety of stimuli, including skin-to-skin contact, foreplay, and sex.

At normal levels, oxytocin encourages a mild desire for contact with your partner. Being touched, however, can lead to a rise in oxytocin levels. This rise in oxytocin levels causes a cascade of reactions within the body, including the release of endorphins and testosterone, which results in both biological and psychological arousal. Eventually nerves in erogenous zones become sensitized, with continued contact causing even more oxytocin to be released. Arousal continues its upward climb from there.


Oxytocin also triggers powerful orgasms by causing genital nerves to fire spontaneously. During orgasm, male oxytocin levels quintuple. But this is nothing compared to female oxytocin levels. Women need a lot of oxytocin to orgasm; so at peak sexual arousal, a woman’s oxytocin levels become stratospheric.

This isn’t the case for all women, however. Some women need a little help in this department. For these women, taking some oxytocin prior to sex, or a small daily dose, can make a big difference. Even women who don’t have trouble reaching orgasm will have a heightened experience with some extra oxytocin.

Oxytocin Treatment

Can sex ever really be too good? We don’t think so. Oxytocin is one way to enhance that experience. If sex drive is an issue, oxytocin can help that, too. Sex keeps you young. Studies have revealed that it even helps women live longer. Don’t neglect this part of your life. Call us.

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