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Hormone Therapy For Men — Can It Improve Your Life?

April 2nd, 2012

Menopause is a familiar concept to most people, and for decades women have received hormone replacement therapy to alleviate its unpleasant symptoms.

But what many people don’t know is that men suffer from a similar condition. It’s called andropause, and its symptoms can be equally unpleasant.

Andropause occurs as a consequence of diminished hormone levels, particularly testosterone. As men age, their testosterone levels drop steadily. And by the time most men reach their 70s, testosterone levels are only about ten percent of what they were at the age of 25.

Low testosterone causes several unpleasant symptoms for men as they age. Hair loss is common. Most men experience diminished stamina and energy. Of particular concern to most men is a reduction in sex drive, which can be compounded by erections that are difficult to achieve and maintain. Other symptoms of andropause include irritability, muscle loss, depression, memory loss, sleep apnea, weight gain, hot flashes, osteoporosis, and prostate problems.

Fortunately, hormone replacement therapy for men can effectively and safely eliminate these symptoms. Men receiving hormone replacement therapy report that it successfully treats most or all of their andropausal symptoms.

Male hormone replacement therapy works because it replenishes testosterone and other important hormones to healthy levels. The result is a healthier sex life, renewed energy and mental clarity, weight loss, improved muscle mass, more even moods, elimination of hot flashes, and general relief from the various symptoms of andropause.

You can learn more about andropause and low testosterone by requesting a free and confidential consultation from the hormone replacement experts at reNEW MAN™. Hormone replacement therapy, combined with healthy lifestyle habits, can provide a new lease on life to men over the age of 35 who are looking to combat the effects of aging.

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