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Hormone Decline Can Happen Sooner Than You Think

August 17th, 2016

Learn why men and women are suffering from hormone imbalance at younger ages, and what to do about it.

While Americans may be living longer than ever, it seems we are also getting “older” faster. Why? Because the hormone decline responsible for the onset of many common signs and symptoms of aging is beginning at younger ages.

This is especially true for men. Researchers in the U.S. have found that average testosterone levels are now 15-20% lower than they were just 15 years ago. While the normal pattern of testosterone peaking in a man’s 20s and declining from there remains the same, now men are starting out with less testosterone in the first place, and are noticing the effects of hormone decline at younger ages. These men are likely to begin experiencing symptoms indicative of low testosterone and other hormone imbalances—like low energy, low sex drive, depression, and weight gain, as early as their 20s and 30s.

While the average age for the onset of menopause has consistently hovered around 51 years of age, there has been a significant uptick in the number of women entering perimenopause early. While in earlier years experts believed just 1% of women would hit menopause before age 40, recent research from London’s Imperial College has shown that as many as 6% of women will be menopausal before 40.

Why Is This Happening?

Many factors may be contributing to the recent trend toward hormone decline at younger ages, including a diet full of processed foods, a lack of exercise, and pervasive stress. However, environmental toxins—especially endocrine-disrupting chemicals—may be the biggest contributor to the problem. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals are hormonally active synthetic chemicals that mimic, inhibit, or alter the action of natural hormones. Two well-known examples are BPAs (found in rigid plastics, food cans, and food storage containers) and phthalates (found in flexible plastics, food packaging, and shampoo).

Reverse Early Hormone Decline with Renew Youth™

Hormone decline may be a modern-day reality, but that doesn’t mean we should live with it. When women live with low estrogen and progesterone, and men live with low testosterone, it can have far-reaching implications for their overall health. And when one hormone is out of balance, others will follow. The resulting imbalance in body chemistry can leave men and women at an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia, diabetes, osteoporosis, as well as unpleasant symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, low libido, depression, insomnia, and brain fog.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Renew Youth™ offers a proven, safe, and effective way to restore balance to your body chemistry at any age. Our approach to hormone replacement therapy addresses all of your vital hormones with personalized medications and dosages designed to bring your body into balance, relieve symptoms, and protect your overall health.

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