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Health Benefits of Avocado

August 28th, 2016

Learn why avocado is considered a superfood for heathy aging.

Most people don’t give much thought to their diet when they’re young. Instead, they eat whatever they want and rely on their healthy, youthful metabolism to compensate for any excesses.

But as we age, this changes. We have to pay more attention to diet, not only to stay fit and trim, but also to safeguard overall health.

If you’re trying to change your diet to support better aging, eating more avocados can be an excellent first step. A single serving of avocado contains 20 different vitamins and minerals, and has proven benefits for heart health, eye health, and metabolism, leading many experts to view this fruit as a superfood for better aging.

Top Nutrients in Avocados

Potassium: Avocados contain 14% of the recommended daily value of potassium, compared to just 10% in bananas. Potassium is vital for transmission of nerve signals, muscle contractions, fluid balance, and various chemical reactions in the body. Healthy potassium levels have been proven to help reduce blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke.

Healthy Fats: At first, the fact that 77% of the calories in avocado come from fat might seem like a red flag. But in reality, the fats in avocado are healthy fats that your body needs to perform its best. Adding avocado to a meal can dramatically boost your body’s ability to absorb fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K. Most of the fat in an avocado comes from monounsaturated oleic acid, a healthy fat that protects your heart health, and reduces inflammation.

Fiber: Avocados are high in fiber, containing 27% of your daily-recommended value. About 25% of this is soluble fiber, which feeds friendly gut bacteria and keeps your digestive system healthy. The remaining 75% is insoluble fiber, which can support weight loss efforts, as well as help with blood sugar control.

Antioxidants: In addition to the common antioxidants Vitamin C and Vitamin E, avocados also contain the powerful antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which are linked to a drastically reduced risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

Need More Help with Your Better Aging Diet?

Even when you’re making a conscious effort to eat a healthier diet, it can be difficult to get all the nutrients your body needs at the proper levels. This is exactly why Renew Youth™ offers a variety of injectable nutrients specifically tailored to the needs of men and women. All of our formulas are third party tested to guarantee potency and purity. To learn more about our supplements, please contact us at 800-859-7511.

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