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Growth Hormone Treatment: Scandalous or Smart?

February 5th, 2016

Far from being scandalous, HGH treatment is a smart way to combat many signs of aging.

At the end of last year, an Al Jazeera report caused quite a stir by alleging that Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning used human growth hormone to enhance his performance on the field. Fortunately, this report seems to have been discredited and does not therefore seem likely to tarnish Denver’s recent Superbowl win.

However, the whole debacle has left many people with questions about human growth hormone, aka HGH. For example, you may wonder…

…Is HGH safe?

Lumping HGH into the same category as other NFL banned performance enhancers like steroid injections is unfair because it immediately gives HGH an aura of danger and disrepute. In reality, HGH treatment is not dangerous when used under the direction of a qualified physician. Unlike steroids, which can cause side effects like “roid rage” and testicle shrinkage, HGH is healthy and does not have side effects.

Basically, what HGH treatment does is give your body more of the growth hormone it naturally produced in abundance when you were young. This has a beneficial effect on virtually every system in the body.

…Is HGH treatment legal?

Yes. However, direct HGH replacement is limited to individuals with a diagnosed growth hormone deficiency. This sort of deficiency is rare.

While it would not be legal for a doctor to prescribe HGH replacement to an individual who has not tested deficient in this hormone, they can prescribe HGH stimulation. HGH stimulation simply encourages the pituitary to produce more of its own natural growth hormone. HGH stimulation may be done with sermorelin, GHRP-2, GHRP-6, or some combination of these secretagogues.

…Can HGH really improve athletic performance?

The chief benefit of HGH from an athletic perspective is that it helps promotes faster healing and cell regeneration. This is not only helpful for recovery after an injury, but also for muscle recovery after a tough workout. Healthy levels of HGH can also help increase energy.

…Can I benefit from HGH treatment?

If you are troubled by any common signs of aging, you can almost certainly benefit from HGH treatment. Research has shown that healthy growth hormone levels support the health of your skin, bones, muscles, brain, kidneys, heart, immune system, and metabolism.

At Renew Man™, we have ample experience in safe and effective HGH stimulation. We will work with you to find the right combination of secretagogues to help you feel your best. If it turns out that your pituitary is too worn out to produce its own growth hormone even with this stimulation, this means you are probably HGH deficient and we could then prescribe direct HGH replacement.

To learn more about growth hormone stimulation, please contact us at 800-859-7511.

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