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Four Side Effects You Won’t See at Renew Man™

October 21st, 2015

Testosterone treatment does not cause side effects unless it is administered improperly.

If you’ve been investigating testosterone treatment, you may have come across some disturbing claims about the safety of this treatment. The following side effects are often mentioned:

  • Sleep Apnea
  • Acne Flares
  • Enlarged Breasts
  • Testicular Shrinkage

These side effects sure do sound unpleasant. But the good news is, you do not have to suffer through these side effects—or any others—in order to reap the many benefits of healthy testosterone. Instead, you simply have to make sure you are getting your testosterone treatment through an experienced provider such as Renew Man™. At Renew Man™, we understand how to balance hormones safely and we take every possible precaution to protect men from side effects during treatment.

Here’s how we deal with the four scary side effects just mentioned.

Sleep Apnea: The idea that testosterone replacement can cause or worsen sleep apnea is based on very shaky science. For example, one 2008 study that is sometimes cited involved just 5 men and 6 weeks of treatment.

The reality is that balancing your hormones can actually help improve sleep apnea symptoms, not cause them. For example, healthy levels of testosterone and other hormones can make it much easier to lose weight, which can reduce the constriction of the airway that causes sleep apnea.

Acne Flares: There is a link between testosterone and acne. What can happen is the sebaceous gland, which produces sebum or skin oil, may be pushed into overdrive by a surge in testosterone. This can cause pores to become blocked and allow acne to develop. However, the problem is not so much that testosterone is high, but that testosterone is high in relation to other hormones. It is essential to achieve balance.

While some andropause treatment provides can certainly cause acne by ignoring the need for balance, at Renew Man™ we make sure we address all relevant hormones during treatment. We also check in with our clients frequently to make sure their dosages remain safe and correct as treatment progresses, to avoid imbalances that could otherwise cause acne.

Enlarged Breasts: When men have excess fat (especially belly fat), testosterone can convert to estrogen in the fat tissues and cause symptoms such as enlarged breasts. This side effect can easily be avoided with a little bit of forethought from your testosterone treatment provider. At Renew Man™, we provide assistance with weight loss as well as estrogen blockers to minimize testosterone conversion and prevent enlarged breasts.

Testicular Shrinkage: When the body finds another source of testosterone, the testicles naturally decrease their own production of the hormone. If this is not addressed, the testicles could indeed shrink. Fortunately, at Renew Man™ we understand that no man wants to see this happen. That’s why we make sure all clients receive medications to stimulate the testicles and prevent shrinkage.

If you would like to learn more about Renew Man’s™ safe and effective testosterone replacement program, please contact us at 800-859-7511.

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