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What To Expect from Your Partner’s Hormone Replacement Therapy

June 20th, 2014

Tips for supporting your partner’s progress during hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone replacement therapy has a wide range of benefits affecting men’s physical, emotional, mental, and sexual health. If your partner is undergoing Renew Man’s™ treatment protocol, you can expect to see the first positive changes within the first week or two of treatment, with improvements in all andropause symptoms beginning after five to six weeks. Here is a brief overview of what to expect from your partner’s treatment as well as tips for helping to support their progress.

Mental Changes

During the first week of hormone replacement therapy, most men describe a sensation of a fog lifting as their mental clarity and quickness begins to improve. You can expect to see your partner’s short term memory improve starting from this very first week of treatment. Be alert for this change so you can adjust your own behavior—as your partner’s memory improves what you think of as helpful reminders can quickly become perceived as nagging.

Emotional Changes

During the next week or two of treatment, men tend to feel like they’ve gotten their mojo back. They wake up feeling energized and motivated rather than irritable or depressed. As a partner, be sure you encourage your man’s newfound enthusiasm and zest for life. Starting a project together, going out more, or reconnecting with friends and family can be nice ways to enjoy this time.

Sexual Changes

After three to four weeks of treatment, most men begin to see significant improvement in sex drive and performance. You will definitely want to be prepared for this! Consider planning a special romantic getaway during this time so you can really take advantage of your partner’s renewed interest in intimacy. However, be careful that any special plans you may make don’t inadvertently create a sense of pressure regarding your partner’s sexual performance. This time should be for celebration, enjoyment, and confidence-building and you don’t want your partner to feel like they have to “prove” anything to you.

Physical Changes

After five to six weeks of treatment, men begin noticing changes in their physical appearance, especially if they’ve been improving their diet and getting more exercise. You can help support your partner’s efforts to stay fit and healthy by making similar lifestyle changes yourself. You may also want to sit in on your partner’s conversations with their virtual personal trainer or virtual nutritionist so you can better understand the changes they are making. Be prepared to allow your partner extra time to work out and be willing to accommodate any special dietary needs.


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